Zombie Photo Booth Ideas

Zombie Photo Booth Ideas

Last week we showed you how to create a haunted house photo booth and this week we’re bringing you another spooky Halloween photo booth idea – zombies!

Perfect for anyone wanting to throw a gruesome and gory Halloween party, our zombie photo booth ideas are perfect for capturing some grisly photos of your guests.

Read on for inspiration!

How to set up a zombie photo booth

Setting up a zombie photo booth is really easy, and not expensive to do. It’s completely up to you which decorations you choose but here’s what we used:

If you’re feeling creative, don’t just stick to what we used. Take a look at our zombie decorations to create your own gruesome photo booth look.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to start setting up your zombie photo booth.

We started with this chop shop scene setter, which comes in two halves, so we’d recommend sticking or pinning the bottom half first.

Zombie Photo Booth

Next, stick some bloody footprint decorations to the floor. And if you really want to go to town, add some gel blood splat decorations.


Next, hang a bloody weapon garland from wall to wall. This will look best if you set up your zombie photo booth in a corner.


Once your garland is up, it’ll look really gruesome and realistic!


And that’s it – that’s all it takes to set up a zombie photo booth for Halloween.

Time to get dressed up and get the camera out!

Zombie Photo Booth

Make sure you’ve got loads of zombie-themed photo props on hand for the stars of your photo booth to hold. We love this beware of zombies sign!

Zombie Sign

Strike your scariest pose for the camera!

Zombie Photo Booth

Check out our fake props and weapons to pick up a selection of gruesome photo props.

Zombie Photo Booth

And that’s it! Now you know how to set up a gruesome zombie photo booth for your Halloween party.

Zombie Photo Booth

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