Zombie Costume Ideas for Halloween

Zombie Costume Ideas for Halloween

Dressing up as a zombie this Halloween?

They’re one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas and it’s easy to see why – with a little fake blood, it’s easy to zombify any outfit!

So to make sure your zombie costume stands out at any Halloween party, we’ve rounded up our best zombie costume ideas for adults and kids. Read on to find your perfect outfit for the zombie apocalypse!

This year’s best zombie costume ideas

Zombie cheerleader

Gimme a Z! Gimme an O! Gimme an M-B-I-E! One of our favourite Halloween costumes this year is this brand new zombie cheerleader outfit. All you need is messy pigtails, grey or white face paint and fake blood to complete the look.

Women's Zombie Cheerleader Costume

And there’s even a version of this zombie cheerleader costume for kids (pom poms included!)

Girls' Zombie Cheerleader Costume

Zombie convicts

Our second favourite costume idea is zombie convicts! This women’s zombie convict dress is a super cheap Halloween costume and you can accessorise with handcuffs, black eye make-up and fake blood.

Women's Zombie Convict Costume

There’s also a boys’, girls’ and men’s version of this zombie convict costume, making it ideal for a group Halloween costume!

Boys' Zombie Convict Costume

Girls' Zombie Convict Costume

Men's Zombie Convict Costume

Zombie nun

Looking for a zombie costume that’s a bit different? How about dressing up in this terrifying zombie nun costume? Make this look even scarier with black face paint streaming from each eye!

Possessed Nun Costume

Zombie vicar

New for Halloween 2017 is this petrifying zombie vicar costume! Complete the look with white face paint and practise your scariest expressions to make yourself look truly possessed!

Men's Zombie Vicar Costume

Zombie nurse

What could be more terrifying than a gruesome zombie nurse costume? Complete this gory look with blood-stained tights and a plastic meat cleaver!

Women's Zombie Nurse Costume

There’s also a great value kids’ version of this zombie nurse costume!

Girls' Zombie Nurse Costume

Prombie Queen

Mix gory and glamorous with this cute prombie queen costume! Complete with a tiara and corsage, this is the perfect zombie costume idea for kids and teens!

Prombie Queen Costume

Graveyard Bride

For a stylish, yet no less frightening look, how about this graveyard bride costume?

Graveyard Bride Costume

Complete the look with spooky black roses and this zombie bride make-up that you can learn how to do on our YouTube channel!

Zombie Clown

Last but not least is one of our scariest zombie costume ideas for kids – the zombie clown! Complete the look with face paint and practise your creepiest expression!

Boys' Zombie Clown Costume

Zombie make-up tutorial

No zombie costume is complete face paint to make you look suitably gruesome and gory! Head over to our YouTube channel to learn how to do this super easy special FX zombie make-up – or watch the tutorial below!

Ready to start planning your own Halloween costume? Check out our full range of zombie costumes or stay on our blog for even more Halloween costume ideas!



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