Zombie Costume Ideas for Halloween

Zombie Halloween costumes

Stuck for fancy dress ideas this Halloween? We’re here to help you bring your outfit back from the dead with these amazing zombie costume ideas!

Here’s the cool thing. It turns out pretty much anything can be a zombie if you try! Here are a few favourite zombie outfit ideas for men, women and children that you might want to try out this year.

Kids Zombie Costumes

1. Zombie School Uniform

Zombie schoolgirl costumeA boy dressed as a zombie wears a torn school uniform with fake blood spatters

One for the kids now, and if your little one doesn’t like wearing their school uniform, these zombie schoolgirl and schoolboy costumes might just change their mind. We’re sure they’ll love getting into character as the ultimate undead student!

2. Zombie Scientist

Girl wearing zombie scientist costume holding a vial of mysterious fluid

If your little ones are usually the source of all trouble, you won’t be surprised to find they’ve caused a zombie outbreak! This unisex zombie scientist costume shows that they clearly got on the wrong side of one of their test subjects…

3. Zombie Convict

Little boy wearing a prisoner uniform covered with blood splattersGirl wearing tattered prisoner costume with blood splatters

Perfect for the little troublemakers in your family! The boys zombie convict costume comes with a top, trousers and hat covered in fake blood stains, while the girls zombie convict wears a torn dress and hat, also covered in blood splatters. Let’s just hope there’s not a prison break!

4. Zombie Officer

Boy wearing a tattered police officer costume with blood splatters and scratches

Who better to chase down the zombie convicts than some zombie police officers! Our boy zombie cop costume comes with torn trousers and shirt, a belt and hat. Improve with buckets of fake blood!

5. Zombie Prom Queen

girl wearing a zombie prom queen outfit with dead roses

This gore-geous prom queen has won everybody’s hearts – and their brains! As always, this costume can be improved with fake blood.

6. Zombie Cheerleader

Girl wearing zombie cheerleader costume with pom poms and blood

Representing Dead University, this zombie cheerleader costume is an easy way to creep things up at Halloween! Complete with red and black pom poms, feel free to add more fake blood!

7.  Zombie Ballerina

girl in zombie ballerina costume doing a plie

This ballerina zombie costume is en pointe! A white top with attached tutu and blood-splattered leggings, you can come up with the story of how this prima ballerina wound up as one of the undead!

8. Zombie Surgeon

boy dressed as a zombie surgeon in bloody scrubs

From part of the solution to part of the problem, this gory surgeon zombie costume is perfect for boys and girls. The scrubs top comes with an open ribcage design, blood-stained trousers, a bloody face mask and stethoscope for the full doctor look.

Men’s Zombie Costumes

1. Zombie Pirate

Zombie pirate costume

Welcome, shipmates! This particular pirate voyage has a few surprises up its sleeve. The main one is that all the crew are zombies. Let’s be honest, you should have seen that one coming.
Sail the seven seas this Halloween with this petrifying pirate outfit, and don’t forget to accessorise with a sword, telescope, treasure map and other items no good pirate should be seen without.

2. Zombie Surgeon

Zombie surgeon costume

If you think about it, surgeon is one of those jobs a zombie would probably enjoy. This guy certainly seems happy enough, and with this easy to wear bloodstained surgical scrubs outfit, why wouldn’t he be?

3. Zombie Priest

Zombie priest costume

Not even a man of the cloth can escape the zombie army! This zombie priest is a quick, easy and comfortable outfit that works for any Halloween fancy dress theme.

4. Zombie Policeman

Zombie policeman costume

Even zombies can’t run from the law – especially this one, who appears to have joined the Force in his pre-zombie days. This police uniform might look professional, but look closer and you’ll get an idea of what happened when this unlucky officer stumbled across his local zombie army!

Womens Zombie Costumes

1. Zombie Cheerleader

Zombie cheerleader Halloween costume

If you’re getting your squad together for a Halloween party, cheerleaders are the classic choice for your zombie outfit! In fact, we’ve even got a make-up tutorial to help you take your costume to the next level. Don’t forget your pom-poms!

2. Little Dead Riding Hood

woman wearing a zombie version of little red riding hood costume

We absolutely love a zombie take on a classic story – this version of Little Red Riding Hood clearly met something worse than a wolf in the woods!

3. Zombie Nurse

Zombie nurse Halloween costume

You wouldn’t want to see this nurse at your local hospital, but she’s certainly one to watch for your Halloween party. Her medical methods are probably questionable, but there’s no denying this outfit is sure to turn a few heads.


4. Zombie Ballerina

Zombie ballerina costume

We can’t imagine a zombie’s ballet skills are up to much, but we’d love to see you prove us wrong! This zombie ballerina outfit gives you the chance to do just that, and we’re sure you’ll be the star of the show this Halloween!

5. Zombie Alice in Wonderland

blonde woman in alice in wonderland dress with stockings and hair bow

Uh-oh – this Alice clearly went through the wrong looking glass! Coming as a dress with bloodstained apron and bow headband, the look can be perfected with some additional scars and wounds!

6. The Zombie Suit

woman wearing a cute zombie skirt suit with jacket

The most stylish Halloween costume you’ve ever seen – this suit is a subtle nod to the zombie theme without becoming one yourself. A cute skater-style suit dress with matching lined blazer, works perfectly with heels and a vintage hair up-do.

Get the perfect zombie make-up

To create a truly convincing zombie costume, your make-up game needs to be strong. You can have the best outfit around, but without make-up, your face is just going to give the game away. Luckily for you, we’ve asked professional make-up artist Emma Pickles to create this handy tutorial to help you get the perfect undead look.

Remember to leave plenty of time to stock up on face paints and realistic stick-on wounds and scars to make everything as authentic as possible. Just don’t be offended if people run away when they see you!