Zombie Cheerleader Costume Ideas for Kids

Kids Zombie Cheerleader Costume

Looking for an easy Halloween costume idea for your child?

Turn the American dream into a nightmare with a zombie cheerleader costume!

This easy zombie costume idea is a great one for kids who want to go all out with gruesome face paint. Read on to find out how to put this outfit together!

How to put together a kids’ zombie cheerleader costume

Get the dress

First things first, get the right dress. This zombie cheerleader costume is great value and even includes a pair of pom poms. All you’ll need to add is a pair of long white socks and a pair of black shoes or trainers (Converse would be perfect).

Zombie Cheerleader Costume Ideas for Kids

Put your child’s hair in pigtails

Next, hair! Zombies aren’t known for their neatness so make your child’s hair as messy as possible (a bit of backcombing can help). Then put it in two high pigtails to get the cheerleader look.

Add zombie face paint

Last but not least, face paint! It’s super easy to create a zombie look with grey face paint like this (for a pale, deathly look) and plenty of fake blood.

Zombie Cheerleader Costume for Kids

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