World Cup Party Food Ideas

World Cup party food

The countdown is on to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and now is the time to start making your viewing plans!

Whether you’re a football addict or just love the atmosphere of the World Cup, it’s a great opportunity to invite family and friends round for a viewing party!

Decorate the room with the flags of the country you’ll be supporting and serve themed snacks to feed all your hungry football fans. Scroll through our World Cup party food ideas for inspiration!

Party food ideas for a World Cup viewing party



Hot dogs

Hotdogs are also easy to serve – and it’s quick to rustle up a batch during half-time!


Country-themed cupcakes

World Cup cakes

Flags will play a big part in your World Cup décor so how about making some matching cupcakes? Decorate them with the flags of all the countries who are taking part or just the ones that you’re supporting!



Beer and football go hand in hand but what if you fancy getting a little more creative with your drinks menu? We’d suggest theming it around the host country with a selection of Russian tipples! (But don’t forget to have something for the non-drinkers too).


Bottle of vodka

Vodka is the drink that you instantly associate with Russia – so it goes without saying that a viewing party for the World Cup in Russia should have it!


White Russian cocktails

White Russian cocktail

You could even have a go at making your own White Russian cocktails! Find the perfect recipe here.


Ready to start planning your own World Cup viewing party? Check out our World Cup party supplies or stay on our blog for more inspiration!