Witch Doctor Costume Ideas for Halloween

Witch Doctor Costume Ideas

Love the Day of the Dead but looking for a Halloween costume that’s a bit different this year? How about going as a spooky witch doctor?

It’s an easy costume, gives you a great excuse to go to town with face paint and you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd!

Read our witch doctor costume ideas to find out how to put this striking look together!

How to dress as a witch doctor


First things first, you’ll need the right dress! This witch doctor costume is the perfect foundation for your outfit. It comes with a dress and a headpiece – the perfect look for casting some voodoo magic!

You could even pair it with these spooky witch doctor tights that have a snake design on the leg.

Witch Doctor Costume


Next, add some accessories! This bone necklace would go perfectly with your witch doctor dress and this creepy voodoo doll certainly wouldn’t look amiss! Add some or all of these accessories depending on your budget. How about adding this witch doctor top hat too?

Face paint

Last but not least is face paint! This half-skull skeleton design works for both Day of the Dead and witch doctor costumes and it’s easy for beginners to recreate with black, white and red face paint.

Witch Doctor Face Paint

Want to dress up as a witch doctor this year? Get the look here or stay on our blog for even more Halloween costume ideas! 



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