How to Throw a Magical Winter Wonderland Party

Winter Wonderland Party Ideas

Christmas party season is almost upon us and what could be more Christmassy than a magical winter wonderland party?

Whether you’re organising your office Christmas do or planning a get-together for the family on Christmas night, read on for all our top tips for setting up your own winter wonderland. From choosing the right decorations to deciding what to serve, we’ve got all the ideas and inspiration you need to give your Christmas party a truly magical touch!

Setting up your winter wonderland party

Pick a colour scheme

A winter wonderland party theme can look extremely stylish, and sticking to a set colour scheme is one of the best ways to make your party decorations look elegant and professional. We found blue, white and silver works best for a glamorous wintery look and we started with this silver and white sparkling snowflake tableware, then mix and matched it with baby blue table accessories to add a touch of colour.

We laid a blue organza table runner over our plain white tablecloth and added this white snowflake confetti too.

Snowflake Themed Christmas Party Supplies

Keep your table decorations elegant and delicate

When you’re choosing your table decorations, work on the basis of elegant and delicate (just like a snowflake). Throw anything too garish out the window and make sure everything you lay on your table adds something special to your snowflake party theme.

How about a sparkly snowflake like this slotted onto the rim of each glass? They’ll instantly enhance your winter wonderland decorations and you don’t need fancy crystal wine glasses to make them shine – if you’re decorating for an office Christmas party, plastic wine glasses will work just fine too.

Snowflake place card holder perched on a wine glass

Serve themed treats

As for what food to serve at a winter wonderland Christmas party, strike the perfect balance with party snacks that match your colour scheme and traditional Christmas food that people will expect to find at any Christmas do.

It goes without saying that you must have mince pies and if you’re making your own, put a star-shaped piece of pastry on top of each one so that they match your snowflake party decorations. A glass filled with mint imperials is another good way to give your guests some sweet treats to pick at, plus they’re cool and icy like snowballs too!

Add a touch of sparkle!

Finally, put the finishing touches on your beautiful winter wonderland with some glittery decorations. It’s Christmas and you can never have too much sparkle, so an iridescent snowflake decorating pack would be perfect.

Snowflake decorations are also a must and paper snowflakes are fairly quick and easy to make but if you don’t have time to make your own, these ones come ready-made. They’ll look great hung from the ceiling or behind your buffet table. Mix and match your decorations to make them your own, and your winter wonderland will be complete!

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Decorations

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