How to Throw the Perfect Wimbledon Tennis Party

How to Throw a Wimbledon Tennis Party

There’s something about Wimbledon that even the most unlikely tennis fan can’t help but love. Maybe it’s the quaint traditions, maybe it’s the (mostly) warm summer weather, or maybe it’s the strawberries and cream. Somehow we just can’t help getting excited about it.

And with Wimbledon 2015 almost upon, now is the perfect time to start planning your festivities. Whether you’re tennis-mad or just want an excuse to drink more Pimms, we’ve got all the Wimbledon tennis party ideas you need to stay on top of your game this summer.

We’ve taken most of our ideas from our range of union jack party supplies so if you’re feel inspired after reading this post, simply head over to our online shop to pick up any of the items featured.

Tips for planning the perfect
Wimbledon tennis party

Union jack decorations aplenty

Wimbledon Party Decorations

Wimbledon is one of those occasions where union jack decorations are a must, so deck the halls with bunting, streamers and anything red, white and blue! We particularly love the mini union jack pegs featured above – they’re great for labelling whose drink is whose and are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your party. This is Wimbledon, after all.

Of course, if you’re cheering on a player of another nationality, you can pick up decorations for other countries’ flags in our shop too. And for a fun little touch why not make it a fancy dress party and ask everyone to dress up in Wimbledon whites?

Strawberries and cream by the bucket-load

Wimbledon Party Ideas - Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and cream are the backbone of Wimbledon and it wouldn’t be a tennis party without them. We love the idea of serving them in cute little union jack ice cream tubs like the ones above – they’ll match your Wimbledon party theme perfectly and they’re just the right size to justify having seconds!

Tennis ball biscuits

Wimbledon Party Ideas - Tennis Ball Biscuits

This is our absolute favourite Wimbledon tennis party idea – just take some round shortbread biscuits and draw on two curved lines with a tube of white writing icing. It’s as simple as that!

Believe it or not the tennis ball biscuits in the picture above aren’t laid out on actual grass – we laid the table with this grass table runner that looks fab for Wimbledon and can be reused for other sports party themes like football or rugby!

Pimm’s on tap

It’s the unwritten rule of any Wimbledon party that you have to have Pimm’s. But it’s important to get the recipe right. The perfect Pimm’s is 3 parts lemonade to 1 part Pimm’s, garnished with slices of orange, lemon, cucumber, strawberries and sprigs of mint.

Pimms for a Wimbledon Tennis Party

If you’re throwing a party we’d suggest serving yours in large cocktail pitcher like the one above to make it easy to keep your guests’ drinks topped up. Choose from cocktail pitchers in a variety of colours over in our shop and if your fridge is big enough, refrigerate your jugs of Pimm’s for an hour to make sure they’re perfectly chilled when the party starts!

Are you feeling inspired to throw a party for Wimbledon 2015? Pick up everything you need to make your party perfect – including  all the items featured above – in the Party Delights shop



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