Wild Ideas for a Zoo Animal Birthday Party

Dear Zoo Party Ideas

Calling all party animals! Today we’re off to the zoo for a really wild zoo-themed birthday party!

Think cheeky monkeys, tall giraffes and scary lions… We’ve got all the inspiration you need for a zoo animal party packed full of adventure.

Read on for decorating ideas, party games and more!

Planning your zoo-themed party

If you can’t throw your birthday party at the zoo, bring the zoo to you with lots of animal-themed party supplies!

This party theme is perfect for pre-schoolers and should be bright, colourful and fun. We started off with our Dear Zoo party supplies which feature all the animals you’ll find at the zoo – the perfect place to start your party planning!

Dear Zoo Party Plates

Dear Zoo Napkins

Give each child a mask

A fun way to start your zoo birthday party is to give each child an animal mask upon arrival!

Pick up a pack of animal masks like this with monkeys, lions, frogs and elephants so each child can disguise themselves as their favourite zoo animal!

Dear Zoo Masks

Go wild with zoo-themed party food

Party boxes like these are one of our favourite ways to serve party food. They can be easily packed with tasty treats the night before the party and fit in perfectly with your other party decorations. Write each guest’s name on their box and put one at each place setting.

Dear Zoo Party Boxes

As for zoo-themed party food, you don’t need to be an expert baker to make impressive themed snacks!

Decorate some simple cupcakes with these zoo animal cupcake cases and picks and they’ll instantly match your party theme – and impress your guests!

Dear Zoo Cake Stand

Here are some of our other favourite zoo party food ideas:

  • Small bags of peanuts labelled ‘elephant food’
  • Cupcakes decorated like different animals
  • Satsuma lions (use a black pen to draw on the stripes)
  • Bananas (for all the cheeky monkeys!)
  • Tiger print cupcakes (fill your cake cases with layers of black and orange cake mixture to create tiger print sponge).

 Go bananas for zoo-themed party games

Sleeping lions

This kids’ party game is a classic – get everyone to lie on the floor and pretend to be asleep. Stay as still as possible and if you’re caught moving, you’re out! You can make this game harder by saying funny things to make the sleeping lions laugh.

Make your own animal masks

For a calmer party activity, how about colouring in your own animal masks? All you need is a pack of colouring in masks like these and some crayons to keep your little guests occupied for a little while!

Monkey piñata

Piñatas are fun for all ages so why not find one in a shape that matches a zoo party theme? We love this cute monkey piñata!

Catch the elephants tail

This game is really fun but make sure you’ve got lots of space. Get all your players to form a long line holding hands – the child at one end is the elephants head and the child at the other end is the tail. The aim of the game is for the head to catch the tail without breaking the chain!

Dear Zoo Party Favours

And there you have loads of ideas to get your zoo animal party off to a roaring start! Head over to Party Delights to pick up our Dear Zoo party supplies or stay on our blog for even more kids’ party ideas: