Wicked Good Witch Cupcakes

Witch Cupcakes for Halloween

Get baking this Halloween with our spell-binding witch cupcake recipe!

Fun to make with kids, these witch cupcakes are perfect for Halloween parties or as an easy cake decorating activity.

Read on to find out what to do and when your witch cupcakes are done, have a go at making our witch hat cookies!

How to make witch cupcakes

What you need

Witch Cupcake Toppers

What to do

This Halloween recipe couldn’t be easier.

Start by making a batch of plain cupcakes to decorate (we find this BBC Good Food recipe is usually a winner) and  if you’re doing cake decorating as a party activity, make them in advance.

Next, cover each cupcake in green icing and orange sprinkles.

Witch Cupcakes

Then comes the fun part!

Take a pack of stripey straws and cut each one until it’s about 2-3 inches long. Cut out our free printable witch boot cupcake toppers and stick one on the end of each straw.

Then stick two ‘witch legs’ into each cupcake to make it look like a witch is poking out of each cake! And voilà!

Witch Cupcake Recipe

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