Video Game Party Favours You Can Make At Home

Gaming Party Favours

Calling all gamers! Level up your party with these amazing ideas for homemade favours.

If you’re throwing a gaming-themed party, you can’t go wrong with these.

TNT Party Poppers

Perfect for fans of Minecraft, these TNT party poppers are cheap, quick and easy to make. And they’ll make an awesome addition to your party bags or party decorations because they match our TNT party supplies perfectly.

Read on to download our free printables and find out what to do!

What you need

DIY TNT Party Poppers

What to do

Start by downloading our free TNT printables and cut out as many as you need.

Free TNT Printables


Next wrap a printable around each party popper and stick it in place with glue or cellotape (it’s up to you but we think glue is neater).

TNT Party Poppers - What You Need


And that’s it! Pop your TNT party poppers in your party bags or pile them up on the table for an explosive effect!


Life Force Chocolate Hearts

Collect those hearts to keep your health meter full! Bump up everyone’s stats with these cute life force hearts.

What you need

What to do

Start by download our free printables and cutting out as many as you need.

Gaming Party Favours Step 1

Then use some clear cellophane to make a small pouch and put a red chocolate heart inside. Fasten the sides of the pouch together with cellotape so that it’s not too visible.

Gaming Party Favours Step 2

Next, take one of our free printables and fold it in half. Then position it either side of the cellophane pouch and staple it in place.

Gaming Party Favours Step 3

And there you go – your gaming party favours are finished! Make as many as you need and give them out to your guests during the party or add to their favour bags.

Gaming Party Favours Step 4

Finally, we’re going to show you how to make pixelated party favours that any little gamer will love!

TNT Party Favour Boxes

What you need

Pixellated Gaming Party Favours - What You Need

What to do

  1. Download our free printables and cut them out. We’ve got two different designs (red and green) so pick one or do both!

Party Favour Printables

2. Next, wrap each printable around a favour box and secure it in place with glue or cello tape.

3. Fill each box with a selection of party favours and close the box.

Gaming Party Favour Ideas

And there you have it – your pixellated party favours are finished! Put one next to each guest’s place setting or hand them out at the end of your gaming party.

Pixellated Gaming Party Favours

You could even use them as balloon weights to match your party decorations – just make sure you fill them with something heavy to stop the balloons floating away!

Gaming Party Favour

Whatever games you or your children play, we’ve got the gear to make a fantastic party that everyone will love!

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