Valentine’s Day Heart Party Bopper Craft

Just a pretty time of year to get crafty – we do love Valentine’s Day crafts – with all those hearts and bright reds and pinks. Lovely indeed. Especially after the long and gloomy winter!

Today, we have a fun little craft to make if you have a Valentine’s Day Party coming up (or just because!!) – heart party boppers. As I child I used to LOVE party boppers. I don’t know why they are so appealing, they just are. This is a super simple set for you to make – once you know how, you can adapt it to any party theme you have going!

No Sew Party Poppers - 690px

To make your party boppers you will need:

How To Make Party Boppers - Materials

  • Red paper*
  • 2 straws
  • 2 pipecleaners
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • A plain Alice band

* you could try making these little hearts out of felt – so quick an easy….

How to make heart boppers:

Make a Heart Make a 3D Paper Heart

1) Begin by making your 3D paper hearts (we first spotted these lovely hearts here). They are easy to make and look super effective. You can of course use other heart crafts too – e.g. why not have a go at making heart pom poms?! I digress… make a simple paper heart stencil (just print out a heart shape from the internet) and cut out two red hearts.

Paper Heart How To

2) Make a snip down the centre of the heart – approximately half way along. Then carefully fold back the sides in a cone shape (take a look at the photo).

3D Paper Hearts How To

3) Squeeze these together and staple in place.

DIY 3D Paper Hearts

Your paper hearts are now finished!

How to make party boppers

4) Now to prep your headband to hold your party poppers. First cut down your straw to the desired length. Then insert your pipecleaners. Have one short end of the pipecleaner peeping out the top and a long bit at the bottom.

DIY Party Boppers - so fun and easy

5) Wrap the long part of the pipecleaner around your alice band. When wrapping, wrap it once to the left and once to right of the straw to secure it nicely. And repeat with the second straw.

DIY Heart Party Bopper Craft

6) Now position the top of your straw inside the back of the heart and use tape to tape it down – be sure to tape both the pipecleaner and the straw to the heart to make it extra secure.

Heart DIY Party Boppers

FINISHED! Isn’t your heart party bopper simply adorable? I now want to go off and make a whole set!! I think these would make a great party craft activity too!

Valentines Day Boppers 690pxOne happy little girl!