Union Jack Party Ideas

Union Jack Party Ideas

Summer 2016 is exciting time for British celebrations – there’s the Queen’s 90th birthday and Wimbledon, not to mention the Olympics!

So today we’re celebrating the best of British with our Union Jack party ideas. Perfect for street parties, garden parties and picnics, get your party started with our spiffing collection of British party ideas!

From decorating ideas and party games to delicious British party food ideas, we have it all covered!

Setting up your Union Jack party

A Union Jack party can be a very stylish party theme but there’s one golden rule to remember – don’t go too over the top!

The Union Jack should be the main feature of your party decorations but not everything has to be covered in British flags. Start with some Union Jack tableware like this and stick to a clear colour scheme of red, white and blue.

Union Jack Plates

Try replacing a couple of Union Jack decorations with something quaint and pretty. For example, a white tablecloth and a red and white polka dot table runner like this looks much more stylish than Union Jack plates on top of a Union Jack tablecloth.

Choosing your Union Jack party decorations

Once you have your basic table set up, it’s time to think about decorations!

Again, keep things simple and stylish with some Union Jack balloons like these. Blow them up with helium and tie a couple of balloons to a balloon weight to make a cluster. Make a couple of clusters and dot them around your party venue or behind your buffet table.

Union Jack Balloons

Bring out the bunting!

Next up is bunting! It’s the epitome of Britishness and no Union Jack party theme would be complete without it!

Perfect for indoor or outdoor parties, pick up some fabric Union Jack bunting like this and hang from wall to wall, fence to fence or even across the street!

Union Jack Bunting

British party food ideas

Once you’re party decorations are up, it’s time to think about party food! For a Union Jack street party or garden party, we’d recommend serving anything that’s traditionally British. Along with classic British party food like finger sandwiches and sausage rolls, here are our best suggestions.


Let’s start with a classic – scones! Perfect with jam, cream and a pot of tea, you can make your own or buy some fairly cheaply at the supermarket. Whether you put the jam or cream on first is up to you!

Victoria sponge cake

Or how about a lovely Victoria sponge cake? It’s easy to make, tastes delicious and if you’re looking for the perfect recipe, you can’t go wrong with Mary Berry’s Victoria sandwich!

Dust your cake with some icing sugar and display it on a cake stand as beautiful centrepiece until it’s ready to eat!

Union Jack Party Food Ideas

Bakewell tarts

Bakewell tarts also work great for a Union Jack party theme – they’re British, taste delicious and they’ll even match your colour scheme!

Bakewell Tarts for a Union Jack Party

Strawberries and cream

Every British themed party needs strawberries and cream! Serve them in cute Union Jack treat tubs like these for a party snack that’s easy to prepare and counts towards your five a day!

Union Jack Ice Cream Tubs

Union Jack cupcakes

How about using a Union Jack cupcake decorating set like this to decorate your cupcakes? Simply stick a cake topper in each cake to make it match your party theme!

Union Jack Cake Accessories

And there you have it – plenty of inspiration for a Union Jack themed tea party, garden party or street party. Visit Party Delights to pick up any of the Union Jack party supplies featured in this post or stay on our blog for even more inspiring party ideas: