Unicorn Ring Toss Game

Unicorn Ring Toss Game

Looking for a fun unicorn party game? Try your hand at this DIY unicorn ring toss game!

It’s fun for all ages (grown-ups included) and it’s super easy to set up. Plus it can be played individually or in teams, depending on how competitive you want to be!

Read on to find out how to play and let the magical unicorn games begin!

What you need

Unicorn Ring Toss Game

How to play!

Before the game begins, you’ll need to spend a couple of minutes setting up.

Take three party plates (or more) and use a glue pen to write 10, 25 or 50 on each one. This will be the amount of points you receive when your ring lands on it.

Then sprinkle gold glitter over the glue, shake it off and leave it to dry.

Unicorn Ring Toss Game Setup 2

Next, put your plates in position (with the highest scoring ones the furthest away) and put a unicorn party hat on each one.

Unicorn Ring Toss Game Setup

Then let the games begin! Give each player three glow stick necklaces and tot up their score after three throws.

The first player with the highest score at the end of three rounds wins a unicorn-themed prize!

Make the game harder for older children by making them stand further away.

Unicorn Ring Toss Game 2

Ready to play? Let us know if you have a go at this fun kids’ party game or stay on our blog for more inspiration!