10 Magical Unicorn Party Food Ideas

Unicorn Cake

Looking for tasty treats to serve at your unicorn party?

We’ve rounded up the most magical unicorn party food ideas that we could find on Pinterest – read on to be inspired!

Unicorn cupcakes

First up are these cute unicorn cupcakes! Have a go at decorating them with pink and white ready-to-roll icing and multicoloured writing icing. Aren’t they cute?

Or for something a little simpler, how about popping an upside down ice cream cone on top of an iced cupcake? It’ll look just like a unicorn horn!

Unicorn cookies

Feeling adventurous? Why not have a go at making unicorn cookies? All you need is a unicorn cookie cutter like this, some icing and a steady hand!


Unicorn rainbow cake

One of our favourite unicorn party food ideas has to be this birthday cakes with different coloured layers of sponge! It may take a while to make but isn’t it beautiful?


Unicorn doughnuts

Doughnuts always go down a treat and for an easy unicorn party food idea, decorate iced doughnuts with unicorn sugar decorations.


Or how about this for something a little more ambitious?!

Unicorn milkshake

If you have a sweet tooth, this unicorn milkshake will be right up your street! Like all freak shakes, the sweeter and messier, the better!


Unicorn hot chocolate

How cute is this unicorn hot chocolate? Just serve it in a teacup and decorate it with cream, marshmallows and multi-coloured sprinkles!


Unicorn bark

This is one of the newest unicorn party food ideas we’ve seen on Pinterest and it’s easier to make than you’d think. Just melt some white chocolate, split it into a couple of different bowls and add a drop of food colouring. Then pour it onto a tray, sprinkle on some other sweets and leave it to set in the fridge!


Unicorn ice cream

Last but not least is this magical unicorn ice cream! It can take up to 8 hours to make (we found a recipe here) but it looks sooo worth it!


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