Top Tips for a Fabulous Mother’s Day That’s All About YOU!

Mother's Days facts

Dating back as far as the time of the Ancient Greeks, Mother’s Day is a day for celebrating and appreciating all that a mother does.

Gratitude, love and appreciation for our mums can be shown in all sorts of ways, ranging from flamboyant gifts to thoughtful card messages and mouth-watering Sunday lunches surrounded by family.

If you’re a parent reading this, you’ll know only too well how many hours of attention children demand on a daily basis. Whether you’re up at the darkest hour looking after a toddler with tummy troubles or picking glitter out of your daughter’s hair on a Saturday night, the bulk of your time will naturally be spent doing things with and for your children.

A survey commissioned by Next sought to define exactly how much we owe our mums in particular. 2,000 UK mums were asked to put numbers on how much time and energy they dedicate to their children in a multitude of ways – from ferrying them to and from birthday parties, to taking time off work to care for them when they’re sick.

Some of the most startling findings are that mums spend an average of 577 hours running around after their kids every year, but will get less than an hour to themselves every day – with 10% claiming to get 0 ‘me time’ at all!

Infographic of Mother's Day facts and stats

If this snapshot of the survey’s findings tells us anything, it’s that mums deserve a bit of TLC. Read on for our tips on how to enjoy yourself this Mother’s Day.

1. Spend time with your favourite people in the world

Mother’s Day is a great excuse to spend time with people you care about. Much like you would when creating a party invitation list, decide on who you’d most like to spend this special day with. It doesn’t matter if that’s your family or friends, just make sure they spoil you rotten!

If you do decide to spend your day in the company of others, it’s still important to take time out for yourself too. The survey from Next found that 78% of mums get less than an hour to themselves each day on average, so we wouldn’t blame you if you set aside some ‘alone time.’ After a potentially gruelling day at work, it might just be what the doctor ordered.

Solo spa trips, country walks or shopping splurges are a great way to de-stress and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of work life and family commitments, so don’t be afraid to tell your family and friends you’d also like a bit of down-time this Mother’s Day.

2. Decide on a destination

Your weekdays are often spent chauffeuring your kids to and from extracurricular activities and attending parents’ evenings or school events. The average mum will also take her child to six birthday parties a year, which works out to one birthday party every other month (the equivalent of 78 birthday parties in her child’s lifetime) – on top of two and a half hours a year spent at parents’ evenings and nearly four hours a week spectating at extracurricular activities.

But on Mother’s Day, it’s all about you. You’re free to shape the day’s schedule any way you please, immune to the chorus of ‘I’m bored’ (which, according to the survey, mums hear an average of 12 times a month!).

Plenty of restaurants offer Mother’s Day menus, and going for lunch is a great way to rally the family together and spend some quality time with each other whilst hunkering down over a delicious meal. Lots of websites offer a whole range of different Mother’s Day dining deals and special offers to suit even the fussiest of eaters.

A cinema trip is another great way to spend the afternoon. With many cinemas now serving food, drinks and snacks throughout the films, and with a lot of them now offering two-seater chairs, it’s a great way to mix peace and quiet with entertainment. Of course, the difficult part will be deciding on a film that suits both you AND your children…

Plenty of other destinations and events offer Mother’s Day deals too, so have a browse as you might find something that’s both fun and thrifty – a win-win for all!

3. Treat yourself to something special

According to the survey, mums will splash out on 38 presents for their children each year. Those 38 presents are also on top of the countless pennies and pounds spent on other things relating to their children, such as teachers’ leaving presents, school trip fees and leavers’ hoodies to name a few.

The average mum herself will receive only two boxes of chocolates, two bunches of flowers and five drawings each year from her tiny tearaways – so it seems the ‘gifting traffic’ is certainly more heavily weighted in one direction.

Prior to Mother’s Day, try dropping hints around your family about the sorts of presents (if any) you’d like most to receive. There’s no guarantee they’ll pick up on them, but it’ll at least give them some ideas of what to buy you.

Mother’s Day is also a great excuse to treat yourself to a gift. It’s a way of patting yourself on the back and showing yourself appreciation for everything you do on a daily basis – something which we know many mums fail to do.

And despite the fact a whopping 35% of mums don’t receive any flowers at all during the year, that doesn’t mean you should go without. Treat yourself to a nice floral arrangement this Mother’s Day and brighten up your home and mood.

Whichever way you decide to spend Mother’s Day, we hope you manage to take some time out for yourself, spend the day with people you love and care about and above all, show yourself some appreciation for all you do. You’ve earned it.