Tiki-Tastic Hawaiian Party Ideas

Hawaiian Party Ideas

Aloha! Today we’re going to show you how to give your party a tropical transformation with our Hawaiian party ideas!

This summer party theme is bursting with colour, and we’ve picked the best luau party ideas from our range of Hawaiian party supplies to show you how to turn your party venue into a true tropical dream.

Read on for Hawaiian party decorations, party food ideas, party games and more!

Greet your guests with a lei

It’s a Hawaiian tradition to place a flower lei around each guest’s neck when they arrive – and this easy fancy dress accessory is the perfect way to get everyone in a tropical mood!

Pick up a selection of Hawaiian leis in a variety of colours and give one to each guest upon their arrival. You could even leave some spilling out of a bowl as an easy Hawaiian decorating idea.

Hawaiian Leis

Tiki-fy your tableware

Themed tableware is essential for any party (just imagine the pile of washing up you’d have to do if you didn’t have disposable plates!) and these Aloha summer plates would be perfect for a luau party. Anything bright and colourful goes!

Hawaiian Party Supplies

Decorate your table with a grass skirt

Grass skirts are an iconic Hawaiian accessory and we love this grass table skirt! Use it to give your buffet table an instant Hawaiian makeover and match it with a grass table runner for a tropical look!

Table Grass Skirt

Party like a pineapple

Add a couple of nods to this year’s hottest party trend with some pineapple decorations! Perfect for a Hawaiian luau party, a honeycomb pineapple like this makes a brilliant, eye-catching table centrepiece!

Honeycomb Pineapple Centrepiece

Crack out the cocktails

Our Hawaiian party ideas wouldn’t be complete without cocktails – and some tiki-tastic ways to decorate them!

Start with some plastic cocktail glasses like these (use clear glasses if you want to show off the colour of the drink) and decorate with palm leaf paper straws, cocktail umbrellas, frilled cocktail picks, flamingo cocktail picks… the choices are endless!

Pineapple Cocktail Decorations

Cocktail Umbrellas

Serve your drinks in pineapple cups

At any Hawaiian party, the only way to serve your soft drinks is in pineapple cups like these! Perfect for kids (and big kids), pineapples are also the biggest party trend this summer!

Pineapple Cup

Or how about a coconut cup like this for the perfect tropical treat?

Novelty Cups

Serve your food on a leaf platter

As for your party food, normal serving platters are so last season! This leaf serving platter would be ideal for a tiki party!

Leaf Platter

Play some Hawaiian party games

Next up, pick some fun Hawaiian party games to keep your guests entertained! Here are some of our favourites.

Pineapple bowling

Put a tropical twist on ten pin bowling with pineapple bowling! All you need is ten pineapples, a flat surface and a small melon or coconut to use as a bowling ball. Line your pineapples up and away you go!


Whether you’re young or old, everyone loves limbo! Grab a limbo stick, put some music on and see who can limbo the lowest!

Coconut roll

This luau party game is perfect for kids or adults – give everyone a coconut and see who can roll theirs the furthest!

Hula hoop contest

Or how about a hula hooping contest? See who can spin a hoop around their waist the longest, or run the furthest without dropping their hoop. Reward the winner with a Hawaiian lei!

Lawn chair volleyball

The next of our Hawaiian party games is lawn chair volleyball – a hilarious game to play outside in the garden.

Set up your net (or two makeshift posts) and lay out an equal number of chairs on each side. Then blow up and beach ball and let the game of volleyball begin – but no-one is allowed to stand up out of their chair!

Tiki piñata

Piñatas are fun for every party theme, and Hawaiian parties are no exception!

Plus a tiki piñata like this will be a great party decoration until you’re ready to play. Fill it with treats and then take it in turns to smash it open!

And there you have plenty of tiki-tastic Hawaiian party ideas to kick off your luau! Head over to Party Delights to pick up all the Hawaiian party supplies featured in this post or stay on our blog for even more summer party ideas: