Tiger King Fancy Dress Ideas

Tiger King hit our screen and punched us right in the reality in March of 2020 and we’re still not over it.

If you were one of the many people drawn in by the insanity that is Tiger King; Murder, Mayhem and Madness, you’re going to go wild for our unique fancy dress and ideas on how to make your big cat costume totally wild.

Sorry, did we drop the lead there? We have our own Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic costumes!

Joe Exotic

The Tiger King himself, leader of this mad pack, is the obvious choice for a costume this year. There’s so much about Joe’s look that’s distinctive – from the mullet to the moustache, to the sequin shirts and that eyebrow piercing, everyone will know who you’re supposed to be.

The Not Your Average Joe costume comes with a blue tiger print shirt, a tiger choker and a baseball cap which has the iconic wig attached. If you have them, a pair of flared jeans and some cowboy boots would really complete the look – maybe even a fringed leather jacket! 

Joe is well-known for carrying a pistol on him at all times, which you can replicate with our cowboy gun and holster set, and of course his trademark eyebrow piercing can be achieved with our punk rock body piercings.

Carole Baskin

The coolest cat of them all, Carole Baskin might well have murdered her husband and fed him to the tigers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love her wild antics.

Our Big Cat Queen costume showcases Carole’s distinctive style that relies heavily on a fusion of animal print and hippy goodness. Our fancy dress includes this orange mixed animal print t-shirt and an all-important flower crown, and will work best with washed-out blue jeans and her signature wavy blonde hair, which you can get as a blonde hippy chick wig.

There are a few ways to incorporate a little more humour into her costume, like dressing your partner as her husband, or carrying around a stash of sardine oil.


If you don’t want to be too literal with your Tiger King costume, there are a few more abstract ways to enjoy the theme.

How about a literal King of Tigers? Simply combine this tiger mask with a crown – it’s easy, cheap and perfect for getting a laugh.

If you’re dressing as one of the main cast and want to bring a little one with you, you could put them in an adorable tiger costume. This would be particularly appropriate for Carole Baskin dress-ups!

Prison Joe

The Big Cat Convict costume is a little more up-to-date considering that Joe Exotic is in prison! Of course it includes the all-important mullet wig, as well as a fake handlebar moustache and a tiger choker. 

Alternative Joes

Joe Exotic is a man of many faces. Not only is the show full of his incredible outfits, but we get a glimpse into his past career attempts including country music singer, magician, showman and politician.

For Joe the musician, just add a cowboy hat and an acoustic guitar; by adding a microphone prop you can also imitate his showbiz days as he travelled around the country with his tiger show. 

Surely Joe isn’t the worst option for President this year? Drape yourself in Stars and Stripes and hand out “Joe Exotic 2020” badges to get a kick out of your guests.

For a group costume, try recreating his joint wedding to John Finlay and Travis Maldonado by wearing hot pink shirts with white rose boutonnieres. Whoever you nominate to be Joe has to wear a large black cowboy hat and at least two belts.

And finally, Joe’s brief dabble into magic where he first took on the stage name Joe Exotic can be replicated with our cute magic set.

These costumes are ideal for making a splash. Perfect for when you’re outspoken, good looking and love to party!