Throw an Oscars Party!

Soooo who is excited about the Oscars?!?! We are!! Can you tell? We LOVE a good movie and we love the annual glitz and glam that comes with the Oscars – all those gorgeous outfits and fantastic awards. How about throwing an Oscars Themed Party this year and watch it all unfold with friends?! As to throw the perfect Oscars party, we are here to help!

We have a fantastic range of Oscars themed products over in our shop and to go with those, these gorgeous 3D paper stars!

Oscars Party Decoration - Stars Wall

Party Stars Wall Decorations – Materials:

  • Paper in gold, black and white
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape for hanging

Party Stars Wall Decorations – How To:

How to Make 3D Stars

You will need square pieces of paper – we used 3 different sizes – one the width of an A4 piece of paper, one HALF the width of an A4 piece of paper and the last using any leftover paper to make some smaller stars.

1) Fold your paper in half (see image two).

2) Fold up the bottom corner. Fold down.

3) Fold down the top corner and then open it up again.

This will give you a CROSS shape on the right hand side of your paper.

3D Paper Star how to

Your paper should open up at the top and have the fold at the bottom.

5) Now take the bottom LEFT CORNER and bring it over right to the middle of the cross. Note: you are NOT lining up the edge of the paper with the cross.

6) Now lift the flap and fold over. This time, you are lining up the sheets of paper as per the image on the top right.

7) Take the right bottom corner and bring it across. Again lining up the edges.

8) Flip your paper over.
red ted art paper stars

9) Fold the right over onto the left.

10) Now you are ready to cut – cut along the line the scissors make in the picture on the right.

Stars Craft - red ted art

Open your star up and make the creases all go in the right direction! You are done!

If it helps, check out this video (and do subscribe!)

Make lots and lots and lots of them in different sizes!

Oscars Party Decorations - Gold Black and White 3D stars

Oscars Party Ideas - Stars

My son adores these and wants them all over his room. Super simple 3D stars that would look great at a Hollywood party!

Now all your need are your Hollywood accessories and you are all set to go!



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