Throw a Beach Party in Your Back Garden

A beach party setup with Tiki Bar in the garden

Summertime means longer days, brighter skies and sun kissed skin. It also means it’s party time, finally, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and release the stress from the colder seasons. Of course, there are so many summer party themes out there, you can throw a festival themed party or a safari party and even a street party. However, one of our favourites is a beach party! You don’t need to be on a beach to throw a beach party. You can still feel like you’re at the Copacabana or even Nikki beach, whilst remaining in the comfort of your own back garden! All you need is a little imagination, a sunny day and some iconic summer party decorations.

We’ve got loads of ideas on how to make the most of your garden or outside space by transforming it into your neighbourhood’s best beach club! Throwing a beach themed party is a great opportunity to have fun with friends and let the kids have some outdoor time. The best part about your own beach club? You control who comes!

How to Throw a Beach Party at Home

Well, first of all, you’ll need a garden or outdoor space. It doesn’t have to be big or look particularly scenic as we’ll be fixing it up with summer party decorations anyway. It just needs to be big enough so that you can enjoy the space with some visitors.

You can always move inside if the weather isn’t quite right, however, things like a BBQ or a paddling pool should probably be left outside…

Inflatable surfboard, body board, palm tree, flamingo and parrot in a garden

You’re also going to need refreshments (food and drink) plus the all-important beach party soundtrack! You could add music to a playlist that is strictly beach and summer related, or just play the Beach Boys on repeat, we’re not judging! You may also want to think about organising some outdoor party games and activities, don’t worry if you’re lacking inspiration, we’ll cover those later in the article. 

Beach Party Decorations

A beach party theme is an opportunity to go all out and make your guests feel like they’re somewhere a little more exotic! The best place to start is with a huge colourful centrepiece, like a Tiki bar (which has the added benefit of being a drink or food serving station) – full instructions for the setup here. You may not be able to swim up to this bar, but we think having your own Tiki bar is way more exciting anyway. Just make sure it’s fully stocked!

When it comes to summer parties, there’s no such thing as over the top. Decorate around your centrepiece, in this case, your beautiful bar, with balloons, bunting and fun summer items like pineapple honeycomb decorations.

Tiki Bar set up for a beach party with lots of balloons, inflatables and decorations

We created the fabulous set-up above using palm leaf bunting around the top of the bar, interspersed with this gold pineapple garland and Tiki bunting around the table. We then incorporated a  twisted balloon arch made bold and bright balloons to inject a rainbow of colour, plus a cute smiling sunshine balloon for added good vibes! There are so many summer décor options to choose from, after all, it is your personal beach club! Pretty much anything with pineapples, hibiscus flowers and palm leaves is an excellent starting point.

Beach Party Games & Activities 

You can make it a fully immersive beach experience for the kids by filling a small paddling pool with play sand. Add in a few buckets and spades and voila, they’ve got their very own beach! If you’re concerned about sand getting into the house, you could either set up a second paddling pool to use as a bath, put up an inflatable sprinkler, or just spray them off with the garden hose. Adults, sprinklers and paddling pools are also a good choice for you if you want to cool off! 

A woman with a sombrero covering her eyes attempts to hit a Tiki pinata with a stick

Inflatables are a great idea for a beach party, whether it’s a beach ball to throw around and play volleyball with or an inflatable drinks cooler. They’ll certainly bring a beachy summer vibe to the party, whilst also providing a fun activity!

We’ve got a wide range of garden games, including limbo and hoopla which are classic choices for beach parties, or you could get in a piñata for everyone to take a whack at! Provide the kids with some water pistols or bubbles and they’ll be able to entertain themselves for hours. 

Take a look at our 30 Summer Games for the Whole Family blog for more inspiration. 

What to Wear to a Beach Themed Party

It’s your beach club so if you want to set a dress code then do it! You can go for something simple and open for interpretation like beachwear or something wilder, such as a summer fancy dress!

A classic option and one that’s easy to wear (and not too embarrassing if you have to go to the shop) is a Hawaiian shirt or dress. We have a few cool options that don’t need anything added, although a lei, hat, grass skirt or flower hair clip would look great too!

A layout of Hawaiian style clothes and accessories

Depending on how well the weather is replicating a beach vibe, you could even wear a swimsuit to the party, although it might be best to bring a cover-up just in case it turns! We all know what British weather can be like. We’ve also got a few vintage style bathing suit costumes for women and men, and some great Baywatch fancy dress that ranges from sexy to silly.

You could also set a theme, but keeping it vague is usually the best way to get a good mix of costumes and let everyone choose their own comfort level.

Beach Themed Party Food

There are so many options, however, if you’re out in the garden is there anything that says “beach summer” better than a barbecue? Stock up on plenty of burgers, hotdogs and plant-based goodies! 

For snacks, fruit kebabs are a great choice, you can place them on the Tiki bar to not only be easy to grab for your guests but also be aesthetically pleasing. Other snacks like antipasti work great, we really loved stuffed peppers and olives on hand to pick at with a fruity cocktail. Don’t forget the food picks!

You can fill the table with fruit in various colours of containers to get that beautifully mismatched look and offer plastic glasses for bubbly. If you can get someone who is happy on cocktail duty, all the better! If not it’ll have to be self-serve, maybe with a pre-made batch of beach day cocktails in a fun drink dispenser, provide glasses and straws for everyone to help themselves. You can also use an inflatable drinks holder on the floor, and fill it with ice and cans of drinks for easy access for the little ones.

Woman mixing cocktails at a Tiki bar

Whether you’re missing Bora Bora or just fancy a walk down Brighton pier again, there’s no reason you can’t recreate the fun in your very own garden. Just remember to bring a jumper along with you! We hope you’ve been able to take some inspiration from our beach party ideas, you can browse the rest of our summer ranges on our website here.