The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Ideas

The party of the year is almost here! And a New Year’s Eve photo booth is the perfect way to end the year with glitz, glamour and silliness!

Read on to find out how to create the ultimate NYE photo booth complete with props, decorations and a stunning DIY glitter backdrop!

Photo booth essentials

Setting up

Choose a location

Setting up a New Year photo booth is super quick and easy!

First, choose a location. This can be a corner or a clear section of the wall in your party venue. It doesn’t matter what’s around it as the photos will be cropped in. Just make sure it’s not too hidden away!

Put up a glitter photo booth backdrop

Next, add some sparkle with a glitter backdrop! We’ve used some foil curtains, mixing up the colours, and even creating our own layered backdrop.

If you want to have a go at a layered backdrop, it’s actually pretty simple. All we’ve done with this gradient design is pinned a silver glitter backdrop to the wall, then pinned the black backdrop on top of that. We cut away the black streamers in a V shape, and then repeated the process again with the gold backdrop in a different V shape. The way the colours meld together and then fall away is really stunning!

You can even leave the trimmings where they fall – we thought they were a nice touch.

DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

If you’re feeling fabulous and dressed up, some simple party hats and foil party blowers might be all you need for a fun photoshoot!

Or you could use some of our confetti cannons to get a great action shot. There’s no such thing as too much confetti at New Year’s, right?

For a bigger effect, novelty balloons are always a hit! How about raising a (giant) glass to the upcoming year with these supershape champagne bottle and champagne glass balloons?

New Year's Eve Photo Booth 2

Grab a pack of New Year’s Eve hats, headbands and party poppers and don’t forget some giant glasses!

New Year's Eve Photo Booth 4

Mix and match fancy dress accessories, props and funny poses!

It’s always good to have a pack of photo booth props like this on hand for people to pose with. And pull funny faces, of course!

And make sure you pile everyone in for some group shots!

New Year's Eve Photo Booth 3

But most importantly, have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and a brilliant start to the new year!

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