The Best Frozen Themed Birthday Party Ideas

The Best Frozen Party Ideas

We’ve got a lot of love for Frozen and over the last year or so we’ve been bringing you tonnes of fantastic Frozen party ideas. But now it’s time to compile the best of the best, the crème de la crème and the cream of the crop.

It’s time for our ultimate list of Frozen themed birthday party ideas.

We’d suggest kicking your party off with our lovely range of classic Frozen party supplies and then adding a couple of unique ideas from the list below to give your party a more personalised touch. Perfect for any big Frozen fan!

1. Easy Anna face paint tutorial

It’s a given that your guests will probably come to the party dressed as Anna or Elsa but face paint can really complete the outfit (plus it’s a great party activity for kids).

Watch Ashlea Henson’s simple Anna face paint tutorial below to learn how to create the beautiful design below and pop over to our YouTube channel for more of Ashlea’s brilliant face paint tutorials.

2. Free Frozen printables

Our free printable plate inserts and napkin rings are a great way to make a themed party more affordable. Simply stock up on plain-coloured tableware (we’d suggest pink or purple) and decorate them with our free printables which you can download here along with more tips for throwing a Frozen party on a budget.

Frozen Tableware for a Party on a Budget

3. Frozen cakes worth melting for

What’s a birthday party without a cake? Recently we scoured the web for the best Frozen birthday cakes on the web and came across some real show stoppers.

You’ll find them all in our list of Frozen cakes that are worth melting for – you won’t believe how good the Olaf one is!

Frozen birthday cake by Richard's Cakes

4. Melted snowman cookies

These are PERFECT for a Frozen birthday party and they work great as a party activity to keep everyone entertained. Plus they’re easy enough for kids to make; all you need is some biscuits, icing, marshmallows, orange jelly babies and writing icing and a couple of little helpers!

Read our full tutorial on how to make melted snowman cookies and tweet us some pics if you make any yourself!

Frozen Party Food Ideas - Melted Snowman Cookies

5. Frozen piñata

Piñatas are a really fun party activity for kids (or people of any age to be honest!) and a Frozen piñata like the one below would fit your theme perfectly. Fill it with some sweets themed gifts like pencils, necklaces and hair clips and your party game is all set!

Frozen piñata

6. Pumpkin Olaf

We can’t put into words how much fun we had making this last Halloween… doesn’t our Olaf look great?!

You can find out exactly how we made our pumpkin Olaf right here and if your child’s birthday falls around pumpkin season, there’s no excuse for not giving this amazing Frozen party idea a go!!

Pumpkin Olaf

Have we inspired you to throw a Frozen themed birthday party? Head over to our shop to stock up on all your essential Frozen party supplies.