Teddy Bear Picnic Party Ideas

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Ideas

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise… An adorable teddy bear picnic party!

Perfect for a summer birthday party, we’ve used our red gingham picnic party supplies and added lots of easy tips and tricks to make your teddy bear’s picnic extra special.

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic… let’s get started!

Choose your location

A good location for your teddy bear picnic is key – we’d recommend a corner of your garden or a picturesque spot under a tree in your local park.

This party theme is weather dependent so it’s not a bad idea to choose a location where you can bring your teddy bear picnic indoors if it starts to rain!

Send out invitations

Once you’ve chosen a good location, it’s time to send invites out to your guests. For a birthday party we’d recommend doing this around six weeks in advance to make sure your guests don’t make clashing plans.

To help you keep your costs down, we’ve made these free printable teddy bear picnic invitations. Download them here for free and don’t forget to ask each guest to bring their own teddy bear!

Free Printable Teddy Bear Picnic Invites

Prepare your food in advance

The beauty of a teddy bear’s picnic is that everything can be prepared in advance! Stick to sandwiches, crisps, fruit, cakes and other nibbles that are easy to pack up and take to the park.

To save time and spread the cost of throwing a picnic party, you could even ask each guest to contribute something to the picnic.

Start setting up!

On the day of your teddy bear’s picnic party, setting up will be really quick and easy!

Try and find a shaded area if it’s a hot day, then lay out a large blanket the ground. You may need more than one blanket if you’ve invited a lot of people.

The best part of a picnic party is letting everyone dig in and help themselves, so serve your food on paper plates and let your guests choose what they want. Keep your picnic on theme with lots of little teddy bears dotted around the place.

Teddy Bears at a Teddy Bear Picnic

Serve teddy bear themed party food

As for party food, keeping it teddy bear themed isn’t as hard as you’d think!

We used this teddy bear cookie cutter to cut our sandwiches into teddy bears (the trick is to cut each slice of bread separately and then assemble the sandwich).

Then we popped a cute flag pick in each one to finish it off!

Teddy Bear Sandwiches

As for other teddy bear picnic party food ideas, Pom Bears and Haribo gummy bears are a must!

Picnic Food

It’s not a bad idea to invest in some food covers like these either. They’ll keep the flies off your food if you’re eating outside, which is perfect if the kids want to run off and play in between eating.

Picnic Food Covers

You could even serve your food in teddy bear party boxes like these – they’ll match your teddy bear theme perfectly and they’re easy to pack in advance.

Simply pop sandwiches, a drink and a couple of snacks into each box, then load them into the car to take to the picnic!

Teddy Bear Party Boxes

Make sure everything’s easy to transport – this red gingham cutlery holder would be perfect for all your knives, forks and napkins.

Picnic Napkin Holder

Don’t forget decorations

If you have a bit of extra budget, decorations can make your teddy bear picnic party extra special!

We love this chalkboard picnic sign that you can personalise with your own message.

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Sign

Or how about this chalkboard bucket? Personalise it with the name of the snack it contains!

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Snacks

Make a bee hive lantern

Everyone knows bears love honey… and turning an ordinary yellow lantern like this into a bee hive is super easy.

All you need is some bumble bee chocolates like this and some sticky tape. Then hang it from a tree branch next to your picnic blanket for a Winnie the Pooh-esque party decoration.

Bee Hive Lantern

Dress up!

Finally, a teddy bear picnic party wouldn’t be complete without teddy bears… And if your picnic party is for toddlers, dressing them up as little teddy bears will be the cutest addition to your party.

Check out this adorable teddy bear costume – complete with fluffy ears and a bow tie!

Teddy Bear Costume for Babies

Ready to throw your own teddy bear’s picnic? Head over to Party Delights to pick up all the picnic party supplies we used in this post. Or for even more summer party ideas, stay on our blog.