Superhero Party Games & Activities

Superhero Party Games

You don’t need to be a super parent to make sure your kids have fun at a superhero party!

It’s always a good idea to plan some party games and activities to keep your guests entertained, and for a superhero birthday party it’s always good to keep the game on theme too.

Here areΒ our suggestions for the best superhero party games to play at your child’s birthday party.

Superhero obstacle course

Put your superhero powers to the test with an obstacle course! This is a brilliant superhero game for outdoor parties but it’ll work well inside too if you’ve got enough space.

Give each child the chance to race against the clock and whoever finishes the obstacle course in the fastest time wins. Here are some good obstacles:

  • Jump through a hoop
  • Weave through cones
  • Run with an egg and spoon
  • Pop a balloon
  • Run through the rungs of a ladder
  • Crawl through a tunnel
  • Walk along a balance beam

Pass the kryptonite

This party game is a superhero-themed version of hot potato. Get all the children to sit in a circle and pass around a green object (a painted rock or a green bean bag would work well) while the music plays. When the music stops, whoever’s holding the kryptonite is out! Give a prize to the last child left in the game.

Superhero face painting

Face painting is another great superhero party activity and you don’t need to be a professional face painter to transform your guests into their favourite superhero.

Why not set up a corner of your party venue as a face painting stand and follow our video tutorial to find out how to do an easy Spiderman design. You’ll find everything you need to recreate this look in our great range of face paints.

Superhero dash

Some superheroes have super strength… and others have super speed! Line up all the children on a makeshift starting line and whoever reaches the finish line first wins a prize! You could also play this game as a relay race.

Hulk smash

The Hulk is known for his superhuman strength, and your party guests can put theirs to the test with a piΓ±ata hulk smash!

Simply pick a piΓ±ata, fill it with treats and let each child have a go of smashing it!

Catch the villian

Our next superhero party game is catch the villian! This is a bit like the playground game tag – get one adult to dress up as the villian and run around until the children can catch them!

Superhero photo booth

Photo booths are one of the biggest party trends at the moment and they’re a great way to make ordinary photos extraordinary! Get hold of a superhero photo booth kit like this and

You could even get creative with your photos by asking your guests to lie on the ground in a superhero pose to make it look like they’re flying!

Make your own superhero masks and capes

For a calmer superhero party activity, have a go at making your own superhero masks and capes. It’s easy enough for kids to do – all you need is some coloured felt, scissors, glue and a couple of adult helpers. Follow our easy step-by-step tutorial to find out what to do.

And there you have it – lots of fun superhero party games to play at your child’s birthday party! Stay on the Party Delights blog for even more superhero party ideas: