Super Easy (And Cute) Halloween Sweet Cones

Brightly coloured Halloween sweet cones laid out on a table with spiderweb tablecloth and sweets

We’ve updated our sweet cone designs and now you have so many more choices!

Trick or treat will upon us in just a few short weeks so if you’re planning on celebrating Halloween with your little ones, try your hand at making these cute Halloween sweet cones.

They really are incredibly easy to make, even for the less crafty-inclined. Just print out our designs, stick them onto cardboard, fold them round and attach a ribbon.

They also go perfectly with our Hallo-ween Friends collection! 

Little ones may need some adult help with the cutting and sticking, but this is the perfect excuse to turn it into a fun family afternoon activity. And did we mention they’re also really easy?

Filling your cones with sweets is where you can really go to town – the creepier, the better! We filled ours with plenty of Halloween themed pick n mix and a few creepy crawlies for good measure!

Young girl with long red hair and a witch's hat holding a sweet cone filled with sweeties

Choose from nine different designs in orange, green, blue and purple. Give them out to all the ghosts and ghouls who knock on your door on Halloween night, or use them as mini trick or treat baskets for younger children.

We’ve got loads of different colours and versions that go perfectly with our Hallo-ween Friends  collection! Download them all or just the ones you need below:

Orange with Cat

Purple with Witch’s Hat

Blue with Spiderweb

Purple with Spider

Green with Pumpkin

Blue with Skull

Orange with Ghost

Green with Ghost

Purple with Cat

These super cute sweet cones are too good to be kept secret (and they’re free!) so don’t forget to share them with your friends on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. And if you make any yourself, don’t forget to send us some pictures!