8 Ideas For The Perfect Summer Picnic

Delightful Ideas for the Perfect Summer Picnic

Summer is finally here and what better way to make the most the warmest months of the year than with a summer picnic!

They’re a lovely way to spend time with friends or family and get out in the fresh air – not to mention go all out on decorations! We’ve taken all our summer picnic ideas from our gorgeous range of Fancy That party supplies so if you feel inspired to throw your own picnic after reading this post, you’ll find all the items featured in our online shop.

For now, read on to find out how to throw a spectacular picnic that your friends will be talking about for the rest of the year!

1. Pick a lovely location

Choosing the right location for your picnic is the key to its success. If children are invited to your picnic, the fun atmosphere of a park would be perfect as there’ll be lots of space to run around and play. Plus the park will probably already have picnic tables so you won’t need to worry about lugging a picnic table along in your car!

Summer picnic ideas - floral bunting

If you’d like your picnic to be a little more sophisticated, why not choose somewhere with fancy gardens like a stately home? And remember, there’s nothing wrong with hosting a picnic in your own back garden. You’ll be surprised how a little bit of bunting can transform a garden into a gorgeous picnic location – cute butterfly bunting would look lovely draped from one side of your garden to the other.

2. Set up your summer picnic with gorgeous vintage tableware

Why go plain when you can go vintage? Picnics are the epitome of quaint and with a selection of vintage tableware like this you’ll have all the basic essentials you need for a traditional picnic. Lay a lace tablecloth over your table or picnic blanket for an extra special vintage touch.

Vintage paper plates for a summer picnic

3. Serve a selection of finger sandwiches… and label them with cute cake picks

When you’re planning your menu, take inspiration from our vintage tea party ideas and think tasty finger food that’s easy to prepare. Finger sandwiches and cupcakes are perfect – particularly when they’re labelled with adorable cake picks like the ones below.

Summer picnic food ideas

4. Add some refinement by serving your cakes on a cake stand

Make your summer picnic extra fancy and sophisticated by serving your cakes on a cake stand! But don’t put them on a crockery cake stand – use a cardboard one like this that looks really pretty and is super easy to fold away and take home afterwards.

Ideas for a summer picnic - cute cake stand

5. Go all out on scones

Scones are another perfect picnic food because they take barely any time to make (particularly if you buy them from the supermarket) and jam and cream is really easy to transport.

In fact, a really easy and wonderful summer picnic idea would be to have an outdoor cream tea, complete with a hot flask of tea. Yum! Jazz up your jam jars with cute labels like the ones below to make it extra special.

Ideas for a summer picnic cream tea

6. Serve sweets and treats to nibble on

Once the sandwiches and scones are gone it’s nice to leave out a couple of little treats for your fellow picnic-ers to nibble on. A nice idea is to fill ice cream tubs with different kinds of sweets and let your guests fill a treat bag with whatever they’d like.

Summer picnic sweet bags

7. Pay attention to the little details

The little unique details are what your guests will remember most and fancy straw flags for each person’s drink is one of our favourite ideas for a summer picnic. Plus, they’ll help you remember whose drink is whose!

Summer picnic straw labels

8. Take your leftovers home in cute floral doggy bags

Finally, don’t let the leftovers go to waste! Instead of throwing them away, give them to your guests to take home in a cute little doggy bag. Cute floral bags like the ones below would do nicely!

Treat bags for a summer picnic

We hope we’ve given you all the inspiration you need for a gorgeous summer picnic! If you’d like to get hold of any of the items featured above, you’ll find them all in our gorgeous range of tea party supplies