DIY Medusa Costume for Halloween

Medusa fancy dress blog header image showing a woman in Medusa costume with snake headband and makeup

Looking for a Halloween costume idea that will turn heads on October 31st?

We already sell a beautiful Medusa set which has everything you need to turn into the Gorgon of Greek myth, but with a few additions you can make this costume really stand out

Read on for the full costume tutorial!

Medusa costume essentials

How to dress as Medusa for Halloween

Start off with the Medusa costume, which comes as this gorgeous green asymetrical dress with lace and gold embroidery detail. Every element of this dress has been designed to make you think of snakes, from the wiggly embroidery to the faux snakeskin cuff and belt. It also comes with a golden snake headband, and a large gold snake detail that sits on the shoulder of the dress.

Woman with dark brown hair wearing a Medusa costume including green dress, snake headband and snake brooch

Next, do your make-up and make it a bit more glamorous than usual with metallic green eye shadow and dark lipstick. You could also use some green glitter or gems like from this Mystic Mermaid set to make you look even more monstrous!

ThenΒ add some accessories! Start with a vibrant green wig and if you’ve got thick hair, put a wig cap on first to keep your hair in place (trust us, this will make it much easier to put the wig on). Last but not least, add the finishing touches with a snake armband. You could also add a little more sizzle to this snake with these Witch Doctor tights.

And that’s it – your ready to hit the town as the most mesmerising figure in Greek mythology!

Ready to start planning your own Halloween costume? Pick up all the accessories we usedΒ to make this DIY Medusa costumeΒ at Party Delights or stay on our blog for more Halloween costume ideas!