Star Wars Party Games & Activities

Star Wars Party Games

Up the fun at your next Star Wars party with our great collection of Star Wars party games.

Whether your youngsters are a Jedi or a Sith, our games are great way to keep them entertained. Plus they’re simple to explain and easy for little ones to understand – just make sure you have plenty of prizes on hand for the winners!

Who am I?

In this classic party game, one child is nominated to ask the rest of the group questions in order to decipher which Star Wars character they are.

Before the party, get hold of some Star Wars cardboard masks like these so that you have a selection of characters to choose from (Darth Vader, Yoda, Kylo Ren, etc). Ask one child to close their eyes and put a mask on them (make sure they don’t see it or it’ll spoil the game). The aim of the game is to guess who you are by asking as few questions as possible.

Balloon lightsabers

Don’t underestimate how much fun kids will have play-fighting with lightsabers! Make your own by blowing up some long, thin modelling balloons like these in a selection of colours (blue and green for the Jedi and red for the Sith), and wrap a piece of black card around the end of each one to make a handle.

Let each child pick a lightsaber and let the battle commence! Just make sure there’s an adult around to supervise in case the play starts getting too rough.

Jedi vs. Sith tug of war

Tug of war is a brilliant party game that everyone can get involved in – even the grown-ups!

Start by splitting the group into two teams (Jedi knights vs Sith lords) and make it funny by giving each player a cardboard Star Wars mask to wear. Play outside if possible and give one end of the rope to each team. Then on your marks, get set, tug!

Lightsaber training

Next up is lightsaber training! Remember that scene in Star Wars Episode IV where Luke is learning to use a lightsaber on board the Millennium Falcon?

Recreate this scene and turn it into a game by hanging a ball from the ceiling and giving each child three attempts to hit the ball with a balloon lightsaber while blind-folded. It’s harder than it looks with such a small target so if anyone manages to do it, give them a prize.

Test your Jedi senses

Put your Jedi senses to the test in our next Star Wars party game!

Lay a selection of objects on different trays and cover them with tea towels so the children can’t see them. Then take it in turns to guess what’s on the tray but only by smelling, tasting or feeling it.

Guess correctly, you win a prize!

Star Wars piñata

Piñatas are a classic kids’ party game and they’re fun for all ages. Choose a piñata in the shape of your child’s favourite Star Wars character (how about this Darth Vader or Kylo Ren piñata?) and fill it with sweets and Star Wars themed toys.

Then hang it up and one by one, let the children bash it with a stick. When something falls out, they get to keep it, and if you’re throwing a party for younger children, choose a pull piñata where no hitting is involved.

Pass the Death Star

This is pass the parcel with a Star Wars themed twist!

Sit the children in a circle and wrap a football in aluminium foil so that it resembles the Death Star. Start the music (preferably the Star Wars theme tune) and start passing the Death Star around the circle.

When the music stops, whoever’s holding the Death Star wins a prize (Star Wars themed party bag fillers like these would be perfect).

Whose line is it?

Before the party, put together a list of famous Star Wars quotes. Then read them out to the group for them to guess whose is whose.

Make this easier or harder depending on the Star Wars knowledge of the group and give out prizes to anyone who guesses correctly!

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