St Patrick’s Day Party Food Ideas

St Patricks Day Oreo Pops

Saint Patrick must be one of the most celebrated patron saints, with communities all over the world celebrating St Patrick’s Day, and most using it as an excuse to drink Guinness and throw a party – Irish style!

If you are planning your own Paddy’s party, we have come up with some easy (seriously, so easy) St Patrick’s Day food and drink ideas to really put the fourth leaf on your clover!

St Patricks Day Oreo Pops

St Patrick’s Day Oreo Pops

First up is our attempt at Paddy’s themed Oreo Pops. They may look a little messy, but this is the joy of easy treats like this, the kids can get involved and they don’t need to be perfectly neat! Here’s how we created these lucious pops:

  • Buy Double Stuff Oreos (if you buy regular, the sticks won’t fit and you’ll have to go back to Tesco and buy more – I speak from experience!)
  • Dip the top of a cake pop stick in a little bit of melted chocolate and gently insert into the cream filling (the cream is quite hard so the heat from the melted choc makes it easier)
  • Hold an Oreo Pop in your bowl of melted candy buttons, and using a spoon, gently spoon the chocolate until it has covered the Oreo
  • Leave to dry (if you have a cake pop stand, or can create a makeshift one, this is perfect!)

St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Next we have our St Patrick’s Day cupcakes. You can do these one of two ways; the easy-peasy cheats way (which we did) or the elbow grease hard-core way!

  • Either make or buy plain cupcakes and add gold foil cupcake cases.
  • Top with a mixture of St Patrick’s themed cupcake toppers and gold chocolate coins!

St Patrick’s Day Hot Chocolate

St Patrick's Day Hot Chocolate

Next up is our super-duper St Paddy’s hot chocolate (it was snowing this time last year!). Make up your hot chocolate however you like in these Irish green paper cups, add a good swirl of whipped cream to the top and sprinkle with edible green magic sparkles. To finish we have added two fun polka dot green straws.

Our favourite St Patrick’s Day party food ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for St Patrick’s Day party food ideas! Here are a couple of our favourites.

Leprechaun cookies

Would you believe these leprechaun cookies were made from an upside down snowman cookie cutter? All you need is some writing icing in a couple of different colours to decorate these cute St Pat’s Day cookies!


Green velvet cupcakes

How about putting a St Patrick’s Day twist on red velvet cupcakes by dying the sponge green instead of red? They’ll go down a treat at your St Patrick’s Day party!


Pot of gold rolos

Turn an old plant pot into a pot of gold with some glitter and gold foil-wrapped rolos. The perfect treat to find at the end of the rainbow!


These are just a few ideas which allow you to focus on the details for your St Pat’s party even if you are short on time. If you have any more, please do share with us in the comments below. And for even more St Patrick’s Day party ideas, stay on our blog!