Sprinkles Party Ideas

Sprinkles Party Ideas

We love sprinkles! They’re one of our favourite party trends right now and there are so many cute ways to incorporate them into your party decorations!

Read on to find out how to throw the cutest sprinkles party complete with tableware, decorations, photo props and the best picks from our Pick & Mix party supplies.

How to throw a sprinkles party

Party essentials

First things first, pick a colour scheme and your basic partyware! A multi-coloured theme is ideal for a sprinkles party – and we think pastel coloured sprinkles look particularly cute!

These sprinkles plates, cups, napkins and straws are a great place to start. And later on you can pick out some plain-coloured decorations that match the colours in the sprinkles partyware!

Sprinkles Party Plates

We love how stylish a sprinkles party theme can be – just make you add some blocks of colour to avoid a sprinkles overload!!

Sprinkles Party Supplies

How cute are these napkins? We featured them in our recent doughnut party ideas post (and if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here!)

Sprinkles Napkins


Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to pick out some sprinkles-themed party decorations! These sprinkles fan decorations would look stunning on a plain white wall – maybe behind the birthday cake?

Sprinkles Fan Decorations

We also love how this mini fan bunting mixes and matches blocks of pastel colours and sprinkles. And because it’s miniature size, you have much more choice of where to hang it!

Sprinkles Bunting

When your main theme is quite a busy pattern, it’s always a good idea to add some blocks of colour. We particularly love these purple happy birthday balloons (and they’re also available in pink, blue and yellow).

Happy Birthday Balloons

Confetti ballons are all the rage right now – and these multi-coloured confetti balloons would be perfect for a sprinkles party theme!

Confetti Balloons

Or you get get a couple of colours to mix and match! We love how the silver and gold confetti balloons add a touch of glitz and glam to this party theme. Take a look at all our confetti balloons here.

Confetti Balloons

Party food

Now for party food! Don’t worry about theming all your party food but it’s nice to include a couple of snacks that match your décor!

Doughnuts are a must for a sprinkles party (and if you’re feeling more adventurous, have a go at making this super easy giant doughnut cake). We also love decorating cupcakes with pastel-coloured icing and these cute sprinkles cake toppers.

Sprinkles Cupcake Toppers

These sprinkles ice cream tubs are a lovely way to serve sweet treats like popcorn and sweets. Fill them up and pop them on your tables for your guests to help themselves.

Sprinkles Ice Cream Tubs

These flag decorations would be a cute finishing touch to your party décor – you could stick them in the top of a cake or a pile of doughnuts!

Sprinkles Flag Picks

If you’re throwing a sprinkles party for kids, these party boxes are a great way to serve your party food. They’re particularly handy if you want to prep your party food the night before!

Sprinkles Party Boxes

Photo props

Photo booths are great fun at birthday parties – particularly if you can match your props to your party theme! These sprinkles photo props would be ideal!

Sprinkles Photo Props

Party bags

When your party comes to an end, send your guests home with one of these cute sprinkles party bags filled with sweets and treats.

Sprinkles Party Bags

Ready to throw your own sprinkles party? Pick up all the partyware featured in this post on PartyDelights.co.uk or stay on our blog for more inspiration!