Sport Relief Fundraising Ideas

Sport Relief Fundraising Ideas

Sports Relief is back for another year and today we’re bringing you an exciting round-up of sports fundraising ideas to kick-start your fundraising efforts.

From sponsored runs and cycling to work to the 10,000 step challenge, there are loads of ways to get active and raise tonnes of cash for Sport Relief.

Take a look at our favourite Sport Relief fundraising ideas for inspiration.

Keepie-uppie challenge

Got a few budding footballers in your group? How about doing a keepie-uppie challenge?

Ask people to sponsor you 50p for every keepie-uppie you manage to do or ask your participants to pay £1 each to have a go.

Penalty challenge

The next of our Sport Relief fundraising ideas is a penalty challenge! You’ll need some makeshift goal posts and someone who’s willing to be the goalie, then ask your participants to pay £1 to have a go. This is a great workplace fundraising idea if you’ve got some space outside to set up a goal.

Hula hoop challenge

Or if you fancy something different, how about a hula hoop challenge? Everyone pays £1 to have a go at spinning a hula hoop round their waist for as long as possible – and whoever manages to do it the longest wins a small prize!

Walk/cycle to work

If you haven’t got much time for fundraising events during the day, an easy sports themed fundraising idea is to walk or cycle to work. Simply ask people to sponsor you to walk or cycle to work every day for a week – you’ll raise loads of money and you’ll feel much healthier too.

Wear your football shirt to work

Another good sports fundraising idea for busy workplaces is to ask people to pay £1 to wear their football/rugby shirt to work. Just like the own clothes days you used to have in school, it’s a really easy way to raise money for Sports Relief without much effort.

10,000 step challenge

Feel like you don’t get enough exercise? Why not take up the 10,000 step challenge and raise loads of money for Sport Relief in the process?

All you need to do is 10,000 steps every day for a week (or for the whole of March) and ask people to sponsor you.

Sponsored run (in fancy dress!)

Last but certainly not least is a good old-fashioned sponsored run! It costs nothing to organise and you can do it as an individual or in a group.

Set yourself a target to run 1k, 5k or 10k depending on your ability and make it more fun by running in fancy dress! Of course if comedy is your goal, the more inconvenient the costume the better. Here are our top 5 costumes to wear while running a marathon:

  1. Mr Energizer

Say yeah to this 90s throwback Mr Motivator costume! A three-piece outfit featuring a colourful printed jumpsuit, sequined purple cap and a pink bum bag, this has huge retro vibes while still being something you can easily run in! You won’t find many of those…

2. Barbie

…except for this one. In the same theme as our previous entry, this fitness Barbie costume is already marathon-suitable! Alongside a comfortable jumpsuit, belt and wig are a headband, towel and legwarmers that actually might help you out – just don’t try to emulate her robot running style!

3. Baywatch Beach Hunk

You know which characters actually do quite a lot of running? That’s right – the lifeguards on Baywatch! If you really wanted to commit, you could run the entire distance in dramatic slow motion.

4. Cheerleader

Be your own biggest fan when you dress up in this adorable – yet practical – cheerleader’s uniform! Feel free to cheer on other racers, but have a few cheers just for yourself ready for when you cross that finish line.

5. Bacon and Eggs

A great couples costume, or either can be used – it’s everyone’s favourite breakfast couple, bacon and eggs! These tabards mainly cover the body, leaving your legs free for some frantic running.


Host a Great Sport Relief Bake Off

Finally, if you’re not the sporty type, why not hold a Great Sport Relief Bake Off instead?

Take a look at our guide to holding a charity bake off for further inspiration.