7 Spectacularly Spooky Halloween Buffet Ideas

Spectacularly Spooky Halloween Buffet Ideas

Throwing a Halloween party this year? Keep your party food on theme with our spectacularly spooky Halloween buffet ideas!

From easy ways to decorate your sweets for trick or treaters to homemade spooky snacks, take a look at our best picks for inspiration.

1. Spider lollipops

Here’s one of our all-time favourite Halloween snacks – spider lollipops!

They’re so easy to make – all you need is a pack of lollipops, pipe cleaners and googly eyes to make your own batch of creepy crawlies. Then lay them out at on your table to make it look like they’re crawling across the table!

Spider Lollipops

2. Free printable Halloween chocolate bar wrappers

Spruce up your plain chocolate bars with our free printable Halloween wrappers that will go down a treat with your trick or treaters!

Choose from three spooky designs – a ghost, a bat, and a vampire – that you can print out at home for free and wrap around your chocolate bars. Decorate them with glitter glue and googly eyes, and lay them out at your Halloween buffet!

Halloween chocolate bar wrappers

3. Oreo spiders

How about these Oreo spiders for a spooky-cute Halloween buffet treat?

Simply pull your Oreo apart (very carefully so it doesn’t crumble into pieces), lay small strips of liquorice in the middle so that they’re poking out, then put your biscuit back together and use writing icing to draw on two eyes!

Oreo Spiders

4. Witch fingers

All you need to make these super creepy witch fingers is some shortbread and some red and white writing icing.

Draw a red fingernail at one end and use some white icing to draw on a wrinkly knuckle. Then lay them out at your buffet and tuck in if you dare!

Spooky Biscuit Fingers

5. Satsuma pumpkins

Next up is this cute satsuma pumpkins! A great healthy alternative to sweets, they’re easy to make and kids will love them!

Simply peel your satsuma and pop a small piece of celery into the middle – simple!

Satsuma Pumpkins

6. Banana ghosts

And when you thought our Halloween buffet ideas couldn’t get any easier, along come our banana ghosts!

Simply lay your peeled bananas out on a plate with the bottoms cut off and push in three chocolate chips – two for the eyes and one for the mouth. The perfect spooky snack!

Banana Ghosts

7. Monster cupcakes

Finally, it’s our cute monster cupcakes. All you need is some plain cupcakes (or fancy ones) and some Aero Bubbles that you can use for eyes.

Then finish your cupcakes off with some writing icing to draw on a crazy expression!

Monster Cupcakes

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