The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Sleepover Party

Girls Sleepover Ideas

Isn’t this girls’ sleepover just the cutest?

Slumber parties are a timeless childhood tradition and we’ve got the perfect recipe of girls’ sleepover ideas to make yours one to remember. It all starts with tasty treats, fun activities and the ultimate sleepover movies. We’ll reveal what they are further down!

Let’s get started…

Yummy midnight snacks

They’re called sleepovers but there’s not usually much sleeping! Make sure you put out plenty of tasty midnight snacks to give the girls something to eat while they’re up chatting and watching films.

English muffins, hot chocolate and a few extra things to nibble on make great sleepover snacks. And if you want to keep hyperactivity to a minimum, replace the sugary treats with something savoury.

Girls Sleepover Ideas

Pink and white popcorn boxes make great snack holders. Leave some next to your party food so your guests can fill them with whatever they want before you stick a movie on. There’s nothing worse than having to get up when you’re warm and comfy under a duvet! You can find the ones we used here.

Girls Sleepover Ideas

Putting your treats out on a cake stand makes your slumber party look extra cute and girly – we chose a pink colour scheme but this is entirely up to you. Make it as girly or as non-girly as you like.

Girls Sleepover Ideas

Pretty in pink decorations

Cute decorations make your sleepover look extra special. You could even create a cosy atmosphere by hanging up a few fairy lights! Night owls are a cute party theme whatever your child’s age too.

Download our free sleepover bunting here

Girls Sleepover Ideas

Spin the bottle for kids

We’ve put a fun twist on the classic teen party game Spin the Bottle that little girls can play too!

Just download our free printable game and place a different coloured nail varnish on each space. Then each girl takes it in turns to spin the arrow and win a bottle of nail polish. Everyone gets a prize and no-one has to kiss any smelly boys!

Download our free printable game here

Girls Sleepover Ideas

A good movie

Whatever your age, a sleepover’s not a sleepover without a good old movie to keep you entertained. Here are a few good’uns to choose from!

Best sleepover movies for girls under 10:

  • Frozen (of course)
  • The Princess Diaries
  • High School Musical (1, 2 and 3 if you’re up for a movie marathon!)

Best sleepover movies for tweens: 

  • Mean Girls
  • 17 Again
  • Hairspray

Gift bags

Finally, be the perfect host and give your guests something to take home. These paper gift bags decorated with our free printable gift tags look a little bit more special than a normal party bag – perfect if your little ladies are a little older too.

Download our free printable gift tags here

Girls Sleepover Ideas

Fill your gift bags with whatever you like – treats, hair accessories, lip gloss. You’ll find loads of cute ideas for party bag fillers here, including the adorable ice lolly lip glosses in the picture below.

Girls Sleepover Ideas

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