Sizzling Summer Barbecue Ideas

Barbecue Ideas

Summer’s here and barbecue season has officially begun!

So if you’re planning on starting up the BBQ sometime soon, take a look at our sizzling summer barbecue ideas. We’ve used our picnic party supplies to bring you cute barbecue decorations, tasty food ideas and all the inspiration you need for a sizzling summer barbecue.

On your marks, get set, grill!

Set up a pretty table

It doesn’t take hours of planning to make your barbecue party look really summery and stylish – after all, everything looks beautiful in the sun!

Red gingham is one of this year’s top summer party themes, and we love how cute it looks at a barbecue party. We chose paper plates, cups and napkins from our red gingham party range that look super pretty on a wooden table.

Not to mention that using real plates and cups can be a bit of a nightmare for a barbecue, so we always prefer the paper variety that you can just throw away afterwards. Imagine all the washing up you’d have to do after a big family barbecue if you used real plates!

Red Gingham Party Plates

Choose some summery decorations

Next up is decorations for your barbecue party! We love a rustic look for summer parties and barbecues, and a bunch of sunflowers in an old mason jar would make a beautiful centrepiece.

Hanging some red gingham bunting like this from fence to fence would be another cute barbecue decoration – and what would a garden party be without bunting?


Time to eat!

The most important part of a barbecue party is undoubtedly the food! And whether you’re going for standard barbecue fare like burgers and hot dogs or something a little more adventurous, there are loads of pretty ways to present your food.

Plenty of trays and serving platters are a must for serving up barbecue grub but you can make your hotdogs a bit more fancy by serving them in paper trays. Stick all your cutlery in a tub or bucket for your guests to easily grab what they need and add some chalkboard place cards like these to make your barbecue particularly Instagram-worthy!

Barbecue Party Ideas

When you’re serving food outside, we’d also recommend getting hold of some mesh food covers to keep the flies off. You can pick up a pack of red mesh food covers like this relatively cheaply and the red will match your party theme perfectly.

Barbecue Food Covers

Or how about these red gingham treat tubs? Perfect for dividing up portions of potato salad or serving up ice cream!

Red Gingham Ice Cream Tubs

At a barbecue it’s important for everyone to be able to tuck in and help themselves, so a cardboard cake stand would be perfect for displaying your desserts.

Barbecue Chalkboard Sign

Let the games begin!

Once everyone’s had enough to eat, why not play a few games? Sunny days are the perfect opportunity to play some outdoor party games, and they’re a great way to keep your children entertained.

Outdoor jenga

We love garden games and an animal-themed golf game is a brilliant way for kids to keep themselves entertained.

Outdoor snakes and ladders

You could even set up a game of outdoor snakes and ladders in another corner of the garden and take it in turns to play!


Limbo is great fun and if you don’t have a long stick you can use, pick up a limbo kit like this that includes a bamboo stick and music!

Sack race

Or how about sack races? A great throwback to school sports days, adults and children can both take part – all you need is some old potato sacks or a pack of jumping sacks like this.

Ready to start planning your own barbecue party? Head over to Party Delights to stock up on summer party supplies or stay on our blog for even more summer party ideas: