Simple Neon Face Paint Designs

Neon Face Paints

You can have so much fun with neon face paints, and today we’re going to show you how to create some really cool neon face paint designs for festivals, raves and club nights!

We created our designs using a selection of these UV face paints – mainly focusing on pink, green, yellow and orange as these are the most vibrant and luminous under UV light. A mini UV torch came in really handy for checking what the design would look like under UV light as we went along. We’d really recommend getting hold of one of these to check your UV make-up before you leave the house!

Simple neon face paint designs

Stripes and dots

If you’re not the most artistically-inclined, keep it simple! Most UV face paint designs involve a certain amount of improvisation, so take something simple like dots and stripes and experiment with what looks good!

Top tip: Build up your design along the natural contours of the face (around the eyes, along the forehead or the jawline, etc).

UV Face Paint Designs - Stripes and Dots


A floral face paint design is perfect for festival season and if you make it neon, even better! Again, we followed the natural contours of the face to create this neon face paint design and improvised with swirls, leaves and little flowers. Our advice is just go with it and see what looks good!

Simple Floral Neon Face Paint Design

Day of the Dead face paint designs

We absolutely LOVE anything Day of the Dead themed and you can use neon face paints to create a really striking look for festivals, fancy dress parties or Halloween.

Don’t worry about copying our exact design – just improvise and see where it goes! Most Day of the Dead face paint designs start by filling in the area around the eyes, colouring in the tip of the nose and drawing a straight line across the mouth with some stitch-like lines all the way along. Then fill in the rest with dots, flowers and swirly lines to give it a creepy, yet pretty look.

It’s useful to take a look at other people’s face painting ideas for this one, so take a look at our Day of the Dead Pinterest board for inspiration.

Neon Face Paint Designs - Day of the Dead

UV neon face paint tutorial

If you’re new to face painting, you’ll find loads of great face painting tips over on our YouTube channel. You’ll find loads of inspiring face painting tutorials from our regular guest vlogger Ashlea Henson, with all her expert tips on how to apply your face paint and create certain looks.

Watch Ashlea’s latest video tutorial to find out how to do this simple neon face paint design that can be easily adapted for festivals and nights out. Watch the full video below:

Ready to try your hand at UV neon face painting? You’ll find all the UV face paints we used over on Party Delights and visit our YouTube channel for even more face painting ideas: