Silver & Blue Mermaid Party Boxes

Silver & Blue Mermaid Party Boxes

If you’re planning a mermaid party, these easy DIY mermaid party boxes are a wonderful way to put a unique stamp on your celebrations!

They only take a couple of minutes to make and they’re a great way to serve party food and other treats. Plus we’ve thrown in some free printables to help you keep the cost down.

Read on for your free download and to find out what to do!

What you need

What You Need to Make Mermaid Party Boxes

What to do

Start by downloading our printable mermaid tails and cutting them out. (If you’re making these mermaid boxes as pre-party activity with kids, make sure there’s adult supervision at this stage).

Mermaid Party Box Printables Blue

Next, use a glue stick to mark out the area where you want to stick on your mermaid party box printable.

Silver Party Box

Then secure the tail in place and that’s it! Your beautiful mermaid party box is finished! Don’t forget we also have a pink and purple version of this DIY party box for anyone having a different colour scheme!

Silver & Blue Mermaid Party Box

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