Scary Clown Costume Ideas for Halloween

Two images of a woman with Pennywise makeup

Scary clown costumes are always a big hit at Halloween – mainly because lots of people are terrified of them!

And for anyone planning to put together a clown costume this Halloween, we’ve rounded up our best scary clown costume ideas for inspiration.

We’ve even included an easy face paint tutorial for anyone dressing up as the scariest clown of all – Pennywise from Stephen’s King’s IT!

This year’s scariest clown costumes

Creepy Inflatable Clown

A giant inflatable clown costume should not be this scary…yet, here we are! There would be something utterly terrifying about this huge figure  lumbering towards you – particularly with the bloody chains around its neck and splatters all over. It even comes with a comfy foam face mask!

Man wearing an inflatable creepy clown costume and mask


Sinister clown

Scary clown costumes aren’t just for adults – this scary clown costume with a mask for kids will scare the living daylights out of anyone you meet! The outfit is creepy but the bloody smile makes the whole thing much scarier.

A young boy wearing a scary clown costume with frills and a creepy smiling mask

Harlequin Honey

For a more stylish take on scary clown costumes, how about this Jesterina outfit? Complete your transformation into a Halloween trickster with this red crimped wig and face paint!

Woman wearing a short skirt corset jester dress with thigh high stockings, heels, a large red wig and cane


Krazed Jester

Expect lots of screams when you dress up in this Krazed Jester costume! It comes with a shirt, trousers, mask and gloves – perfect for a quick scary clown costume that requires minimal effort!

Men's Jester Costume


Stephen King’s IT is the horror movie of the year so we’re expecting to see lots of people dressed up as Pennywise the clown! Head over to our YouTube channel to check out our five-minute Pennywise make-up tutorial – or watch it below! We’ve got Pennywise costumes for men, women and kids, as well as the classic Tim Curry Pennywise.

Clown Zombie

Last but not least is this terrifying sinister jester costume for kids and teens! No need to wear any makeup thanks to the horrifying foam mask, this outfit manages to combine skeleton and vampire imagery for a real fright.

Young boy wearing a black and white sinister jester costume with ribcage showing, a scary mask and classic jester hat

Want more scary clown costume ideas? Check out our full range of clown costumes for Halloween or stay on our blog for even more Halloween ideas!