Royal Wedding Party Food Ideas

Union Jack Party Ideas

Hosting a Royal Wedding viewing party and trying to decide what to serve? You’re in the right place!

We’ve rounded up our favourite British party food ideas to help you decide which tasty treat to offer your guests. Read on for inspiration!

What to serve at a Royal Wedding party


It goes without saying that tea should be the main drink of choice at your Royal Wedding viewing party! Serve it in a teacup if you’re feeling fancy – it is a royal occasion after all!



Next up is one of the best sweet treats to come out of Britain – scones with a generous helping of jam and cream! It’s up to you whether you put the jam or the cream on first (something that is much-debated in th UK!)


Victoria sponge cake

The best British cakes are simple yet delicious – and the Victoria sponge is an absolute classic. Top tip – use Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge recipe for a truly delicious cake!



If you’ve got a little more time to prep your Royal Wedding party food, how about making a traditional English trifle with layers of sponge, custard, jelly, strawberries and cream?


Finger sandwiches

It’s probably a good idea to serve something savoury amongst all your sweet treats! Finger sandwiches are an afternoon tea favourite and you could serve a selection of popular fillings like cucumber, cheese and pickle, ham and mustard, or smoked salmon and cream cheese.


Sausage rolls

No party in Britain would be complete without a plate of sausages rolls, so make sure they’re on the menu at your Royal Wedding party.


Union Jack cake

If you really want to create a showstopper, how about making this union jack cake?


Strawberries and cream

Strawberries and cream are about as British as it gets, and they’ll go down a treat at your Royal Wedding viewing party! Serve your strawberries in a big bowl so that your guests can help themselves.



Last but not least, toast the happy couple with a glass of Pimm’s!

Pimm’s is the drink of the summer in Britain and it’s traditionally served with lemonade, mint leaves, strawberries and cucumber.


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