Rock-A-Bye Baby Party Ideas

Rock-A-Bye Baby Party Ideas

Looking for a lovely 1st birthday party theme? How about a beautiful rock-a-bye baby party?

Based on the famous nursery rhyme, we used our rock-a-bye baby party supplies to create this beautiful party for 1st birthdays and baby showers. Read on for inspiration!

What you need for a rock-a-bye-baby party

Rocking horse invitations

Start by sending out your invitations (about six weeks in advance to make sure people don’t make plans that clash). These beautiful rocking horse invitations would set the tone for your rock-a-bye baby party perfectly – just look how cute they are!

Rock-A-Bye Baby Party Invitations

The perfect tableware

Next, pick the perfect partyware to make sure you have all your essentials like plates, cups and napkins covered. We used our rock-a-bye-baby party supplies and stuck to a soft colour scheme of baby pink, blue and yellow.

Rock-A-Bye Baby Party Plates

Lay the table with a plain-coloured tablecloth to keep your décor cute and simple. Aren’t these rock-a-bye baby napkins lovely?

Rock-A-Bye Baby Napkins

Rocking horse cake stand

Every party needs a centrepiece and we absolutely adore this rocking horse cake stand. It’d be perfect for a rock-a-bye baby party (or any other baby occasion) and a lovely way to present cupcakes, sandwiches or other treats.

Rocking Horse Cake Stand

Rock-a-bye baby party food ideas

Chances are you’ll have a lot on your plate while you’re planning your rock-a-bye baby 1st birthday party, so keep your party food simple.

A lovely way to keep cupcakes on-theme is to choose icing that matches the décor and top each cake with a cute rock-a-bye baby cupcake topper.

Rock-A-Bye Baby Cupcake Toppers

Whether serving homemade or shop-bought cupcakes, wrapping each cake in a rock-a-bye baby cake wrap is another easy way to match your party food to your party decorations.

Rock-A-Bye Baby Cake Wraps

The finishing touches

How about decorating your glasses with these adorable rock-a-bye baby glass decorations? You could serve orange juice for the kids and Buck’s Fizz or prosecco for the adults!

Rock-A-Bye Baby Glass Decorations

You could even serve the kids’ drinks in cute mini milk bottles. Fill them with milkshake or juice and decorate them with these rock-a-bye baby paper straws.

Rock-A-Bye Baby Straws

Fun party games

Last but not least, make sure you’ve got a couple of fun party games planned for your guests! Download our free printable nursery rhyme quiz for a fun way to keep your guests entertained and test their nursery rhyme knowledge!

Ready to throw your own rock-a-bye baby party? Here’s a re-cap of all the essentials:

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