Roald Dahl Costume Ideas for Teachers

World Book Day costumes for teachers

World Book Day 2019 is on Thursday 7th March and the hunt for a good costume is on. But dressing up is not just for the kids… Teachers need costumes too!

And since all the marking and lesson planning doesn’t leave much time for planning a book day costume, we’ve put together this handy round-up of the best Roald Dahl costume ideas for teachers. After all, it wouldn’t be World Book Day without a few of our favourite Roald Dahl characters!

If you’re in need of a little inspiration for this year’s costume (or you know someone else who is), keep reading!

Willy Wonka

It wouldn’t be World Book Day without a Roald Dahl character or two! This Willy Wonka costume makes a brilliant World Book Day outfit for teachers who’ll love getting into character as the wacky factory owner from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Willy Wonka fancy dress costume

Miss Trunchbull

She’s the mean headmistress from Roald Dahl’s Matilda and this new Miss Trunchbull outfit makes a hilarious World Book Day costume for teachers with a reputation for being strict (or who just loving playing a baddie!)

Miss Trunchbull fancy dress costume

Fantastic Mr Fox

Another easy book character costume for teachers is Fantastic Mr Fox! This rather suave Mr Fox costume comes with a mock waistcoat, cravat and a fox mask (but if you feel like getting creative you could have a go at making your own).

Fantastic Mr Fox fancy dress costume

The Witches

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Roald Dahl’s The Witches are a fun group costume for teachers who are dressing up for World Book Day.

And if you’re not keen on buying a World Book Day costume that will only be worn once, the beauty of this witch costume is that it can be re-worn at Halloween!

Witch fancy dress costume

Oompa Loompa

How about dressing up as Oompa Loompas with a couple of your colleagues? This World Book Day costume idea for teachers is funny and easy to do – just complete this Oompa Loompa costume with orange face paint.

Oompa Loompa fancy dress costume

The Enormous Crocodile

Last but not least is one of the lesser-known Roald Dahl characters – the Enormous Crocodile! This crocodile onesie is the perfect World Book Day costume for teachers who don’t have time to plan a costume – just throw it on and you’re ready to celebrate World Book Day!

Crocodile fancy dress costume

Ready to start planning your own World Book Day get up?

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