Fundraising Ideas for Red Nose Day 2017

Fundraising Ideas for Red Nose Day 2017

Red Nose Day 2017 is on Friday 24th March and if you’re looking for a fun way to fundraise, we’re here to help!

Read our Red Nose Day fundraising ideas for loads of great ways to raise money at home, school or at work.

Red Nose Day fundraising ideas

Charity bake off or bake sale

Who doesn’t love a good cake sale? And you can make it even more fun by making it competitive! Nominate four judges (we’re sure there’ll be plenty of volunteers for this role) and award points for presentation, taste and difficulty. Once the winner’s been announced, sell off the rest of the cakes in aid of Red Nose Day!

Top tip: If you’re doing this at work, we’d recommend holding your charity bake sale on the Monday before Red Nose Day 2017 so that people have time to bake over the weekend. That way you’ll get more participants!


Quizzes are an easy fundraising idea – all you need is someone to compile the questions and ask each person to pay £1 to take part.

Baby pictures quiz

The week before Red Nose Day, get everyone to send in a photo of themselves as a baby. Then put them all on a sheet and see who can guess who’s who! (And everyone pays £1 to take part).

Sponsored silence

Know a chatterbox? Get people to sponsor them for every hour they can stay silent. The longer they stay silent, the more cash they raise!

Sponsored walk, run or cycle

Get fit and raise money at the same time with a sponsored run, walk or cycle. You can do this anytime in the run up to Red Nose Day – just make sure people know about it and send them the link to your JustGiving page so they can donate!

Give something up

Are you a sucker for sweets? Or can’t stop drinking coffee? Ask people to sponsor you to give it up for the whole week before Red Nose Day!

Dress down day

This is a super easy Red Nose Day fundraising idea and it’s perfect for offices that usually have a formal dress code. Ask everyone to pay a £1 to wear casual dress and you’ll raise loads of money with minimal effort! Schools – just ask your pupils to come in wearing their own clothes!

Dye or shave your hair

Feeling brave? Dye your hair a crazy colour or shave it all off for charity! This is a big ask so it should raise a lot of cash!

Fancy dress competition

Make fundraising fun with a fancy dress competition! Pick a theme and ask everyone to pay £1 to come into work wearing a crazy costume. Then award a small prize for the best outfit!

Here are a couple ideas for fundraising fancy dress themes:

  • Something the year you were born
  • Film & TV characters
  • Superheroes
  • 80s

Walk or cycle to work

Give up your car for a day and get sponsored to walk or cycle to work. It’s good for you and won’t take much extra time out of your day. And hey, it may even kick start a new habit!

Swear jar

Got a particularly potty mouth? Put 20p in a jar every time you swear and you’ll soon see your fundraising money stack up!

Ready to start fundraising for Red Nose Day 2017? Discover more great fundraising ideas on the official Red Nose Day website or stay in our blog for more inspiration:



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