10 Fabulous Office Fundraising Ideas For Red Nose Day

Woman with Red Nose Day face paint also wearing a Red Nose and holding several others in one hand. The logo for Red Nose Day is in the corner of the image.

Red Nose Day is a great way for offices, schools and other work places to raise some money for good causes!

If you’d like to get involved this year, we’ve got plenty of ideas to get your fundraising efforts off the ground. We hope you enjoy trying them out!

1. Hold a charity Bake Off

Woman holding chocolate cupcakes

Who doesn’t love the Great British Bake Off? Even when it went over to Channel 4 and we all thought it’d never be the same without Mel and Sue, it still kept its place in our hearts.

Let’s face it, everyone loves cake, so an office bake off is always a winner when it comes to fundraising ideas. You can even appoint your very own Paul Hollywood to judge the bakes – just don’t be too harsh!

2. Have an office quiz

Office quizzes are great fun, plus they’re also a good team-building exercise. Charge teams a few quid to enter the quiz and you’ll end the day with a tidy sum!

Of course, there’s the small matter of putting some questions together. Sure, you could go down the general knowledge route, but it might be more fun to do something unique to your office.

Why not get people to submit crazy facts about themselves, mix them up with some funny fibs and get people to try and separate the truth from the lies? Or, get everyone to bring in a baby photo of themselves and get your teams to guess who’s who!

3. Get sponsored

Collecting money to put yourself through some sort of challenging task is one of the oldest tricks in the fundraising book. You just need to find something to do!

In our experience, you might find that your colleagues tend to be happier to pay up if there’s some sort of suffering involved on your part. That’s just how people work, we’re afraid! You can do something on your own, or form a group to take on your challenge together. You could try:

A sponsored walk, run or cycle

Exercise is hard. If you’re not a regular gym-goer, the prospect of walking, running or cycling a long way probably seems less than appealing. Your colleagues will notice this, and you’ll be amazed how much deeper their pockets get.

A sponsored silence

Are you a bit of a chatterbox at work? Don’t blame us if people are queuing around the block to keep you quiet for a day!

Once you’ve collected your cash, you’ll need to work hard to hold your tongue from 9 to 5. Why not spice things up by letting your colleagues create forfeits if you break your vow of silence?

A sponsored skydive

The big one. Jumping out of a plane for charity is a pretty grand gesture, even when you’re strapped to an experienced professional! You’re sure to attract some big donations with this one.

4. Have a swear jar

Look, we all know that swearing isn’t big or clever, but we also know that the odd four-letter word can slip out from time to time.

This Red Nose Day, punish your office potty-mouths with a charity swear jar! Charge a pound a swear and watch that fundraising total rise throughout the day!

5. Play guessing games


A classic guessing game is always a fundraising winner. Everyone has a reasonable chance of winning, and you can make the prizes lots of fun!

Guessing the number of sweets in a jar is a popular option. You could even keep the Red Nose Day twists coming and ask people to guess how many red sweets there are in your jar.

Need sweets? We’ve got ‘em!

Another popular Red Nose Day fundraiser is guessing the name of a teddy bear. For this one, you just need to:

  • Buy a teddy
  • Give it a name
  • Print out a big list of names (make sure your bear’s real name is included)
  • Get your colleagues to pay £1 per guess, then write their name next to their answer

Brown teddy bear sat on a table

Whoever guesses correctly, gets the bear! That’s if you haven’t become too attached to it by then, of course.

6. Run a raffle – and make the prizes good!

A raffle is fairly easy to organise. All you need is a book of tickets. The trick is to get everyone joining in!

So, forget the usual rubbish raffle prizes and offer something people really want. Something like an extra day’s holiday, perhaps? Trust us, you’ll have people falling over themselves to get tickets for this one!

7. Try these Red Nose Day face painting ideas

we’ve got this brilliantly clever Red Nose Day face paint tutorial from Ashlea Henson over on our YouTube channel. All you need is some basic face paints to create these cool designs.

8. Play Taskmaster

If you’ve not seen Taskmaster before, allow us to explain. The popular comedy programme features five comedians carrying out a selection of silly tasks set by the Taskmaster (Inbetweeners star Greg Davies) and his assistant (show creator Alex Horne). The results are usually hilarious.

Hosting your own Taskmaster is an idea that’s already taken off in offices and schools across the country. In fact, Horne regularly gets involved in setting people new tasks via Twitter, and there’s even a Taskmaster book you can use for inspiration!

For maximum comedy, see if you can get a few senior managers to give up an hour at lunchtime to carry out your range of silly requests, then charge people a pound or two to watch the fun and games unfold.

9. Download the official fundraising pack

Red Nose Day logo

Still stuck for ideas? You can always download the official Red Nose Day fundraising pack to get you started. It’s completely free, and comes with posters, stickers, balloons and more to point you in the right direction.

Don’t forget to invest in this year’s red noses, too. There are 11 funny characters to enjoy this year, including two rare noses for you to look out for. You can get a box of 40 noses for just £15, then send the rest of the money on to Comic Relief once they’re all sold!

10. Come to work in fancy dress

Woman wearing a Red Riding Hood costume with white stockings, red skirt, black bodice and red cape

Here at Party Delights, we don’t really need a reason to have a fancy dress party! However, Red Nose Day is a great opportunity to dress up for a good cause.

You know how this goes. People simply pay a pound or two and they get to dress up for the day. Of course, it’s Red Nose Day, so you could suggest that everyone wear a red costume like the Little Red Riding Hood one you can see above. Alternatively this Matador costume is rather fetching:

Man wearing a bullfighter/matador costume with hat, long socks and black shoes

On the other hand, you could find a particularly embarrassing costume and have people sponsor you to wear it for the day! Something like this 80s exercise get-up would be ideal:

Man wearing a red tank top and shorts with wrist bands and a balding head wig

If you’re not feeling like a full costume, we’ve got loads of red accessories so you can show your Red Nose Day spirit! You could get in some red hats, red feather boas, red masks or even an assortment of red wigs.