No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Four pumpkins lined up on a table with silly monster faces stuck on them

Halloween is pumpkin decorating time, and we know you love our selection of stencils for pumpkin carving! But this year we thought we’d go for a different angle, making our decorations friendly for even the littlest hands.

Some of these projects will need an adult to help with cutting out, but absolutely no carving is needed.

Stick-on Pumpkin Decorations

Jazz up a plain pumpkin of any size with our super cute monster faces! We’ve got four different designs, and you can mix and match the face parts as much as you like  to create your own unique set of monstrous pumpkin pals.

Download the pumpkin face printables and print out onto paper or thin card. 

Printed out funny pumpkin faces on a table with a pair of scissors

This project is a lot easier with a very thin card backing, so if you can only print on paper it might be best to glue the whole sheet onto a sheet of card before cutting out!

Carefully cut out the edges of your eyes and mouths with a pair of scissors (adults, this is your time to shine!)

Have fun positioning the face parts on your pumpkin to see what looks best. What’s the silliest pumpkin face your kids can come up with?

Stick on the face bits using glue dots – trust is, this is going to be the easiest ways to sit them on the curved and irregular surface of a pumpkin.

Hands positioning a pair of cut out eyes onto a pumpkin while the cut out face sits beside

You can also use straws to bring the eyes up so they look like they’re on stalks!

Pumpkins with funny faces, one of which has eyes on straw stalks

Hallo-ween Friend Painted Stencils

Our Hallo-ween Friends range is super popular every Halloween, and it’s not hard to see why – the designs are so cute and friendly, that all kids and even the adults who don’t like the spookier side of Halloween will enjoy it!

Several pumpkins grouped together and painted with various cute designs

If you’d like to make some pumpkins to match these adorable designs, we’ve got you covered!

Download our stencils here – the tricky part is deciding which one you want to try out first!

Bat stencils

Witch’s hat stencil

Ghost stencil

Skull stencil

The bat and witch’s hat stencils are super straightforward – simply print, cut out the black sections with a pair of scissors or craft knife (carefully!) and stick the rest of the stencil on the pumpkin.

Pumpkin on table with a printed out design, pair of scissors and palette with purple paint in it

Use any acrylic or water-based paint in cute colours to add the image to the pumpkin.

The ghost and stencil are a little more complicated but still much easier than you might think!

Cut out the larger outside of the image first – that’s everything except the eyes, nose and mouths. You can then stick the A4 sheet with its missing element onto your pumpkin and paint, but don’t forget to keep your cut-out skull or ghost.

Pumpkin with stencil taped to it and brush starting to paint on purple acrylic paint

Next, pick up the section you just put aside and cut out the eyes and nose or mouth from within it. Once the original paint is dry, you can tape this straight over it, lining up the edges with your fantastic paintwork – then just paint in the details with a different colour paint.

Try out a few different ways of painting! You could paint the pumpkin all-over first before you paint on the stencil with a different colour.

You can also add accents of colour, like how we’ve made this stalk purple to match our ghost friend.

Painted purple ghost on a pumpkin with a purple stalk

Balloons too!

Why keep all the fun for the pumpkins? We’ve created some alternative stencil sizes that are perfect for decorating our 18” round foil balloons, and we think the perfect way to use them is with glue and lots of glitter!

Purple balloon uninflated on a table with glue, glitter, scissors and a print-out

Download your stencils here:

Ghost balloon stencil

Skull balloon stencil

Bat balloon stencil

Witch’s hat balloon stencil

This time for the skull and ghost, we’ll be working backwards. Cut out the face details first, tape the paper onto your flattened foil balloon, use a glue pen to make those details sticky and then pour some gorgeous glitter.

If you’re more of a visual learner, this is how we did it!

Once that’s dry and set, you can then use the outside piece of A4 to make the larger part of the design. Glue all over, going around the bits you’ve already glittered, then glitter them in a different colour.

A round purple balloon with glittery ghost design on it

Done! How easy was that?

Of course we have some other ideas for pumpkin designs without cutting, like this super cute spooky bat pumpkin and complementary full moon pumpin. For a slightly sillier version, how about this Cookie Monster pumpkin? Or if your kids are Minion obsessed we’ve got a printable Minions outfit that easily transforms any pumpkin into your very own sidekick. You just need some paint, some polystyrene balls and a black marker!

All of these adorable pumpkin designs will look great at your affordable Halloween party or sat underneath your Halloween tree.