Best Princess Party Games & Activities

Princess Party Games

No birthday party is complete without games and today we’re bringing you a round-up of the best party games to play at a princess party!

From classic party games you already know with a princess twist to a couple of new ones, read on for all the princess party games you’ll ever need!

Our favourite princess party games

Kiss the Prince

This fun princess party game is a bit like pin the tail on the donkey, and you’ll need red lipstick and a picture of a prince (or a frog!)

Put red lipstick on each player, spin them round and when you let go they have to try and kiss the picture of the prince. Whoever’s kiss lands closest to the prince’s mouth wins!

Cinderella’s Lost Slipper

This princess-themed party game is a scavenger hunt where the players must look for Cinderella’s lost slipper!

Hide a shoe and then give your players a set amount of time to find it (5-10 minutes is about right) and whoever find it, wins a prize.

Royal Treasure Hunt

This is a treasure hunt with a princess-themed twist! Hide lots of chocolate coins around the party venue and the players must try to find as many as they can. Whoever finds the most treasure wins (and gets to keep it).

Cinderella’s Ball Musical Statues

This game puts a royal twist on the classic party game musical statues. Play some regal-sounding music and get all your players to dance. When the music stops, they must stand as still as a statue!

Nominate a couple of adults to walk around the room and if they spot anyone moving, they’re out! Play until there’s only one child left in the game.

Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo

This is a princess twist on the classic kids’ game duck, duck, goose. Sit all the children in a circle and make one child ‘it’. This child must walk around the circle and tap each child on head while saying ‘bibbity’ or ‘bobbity’.

When the child says ‘boo’ instead of ‘bibbity’ or ‘bobbity’ (the princess equivalent of ‘goose’), the child who has been tapped on the head must stand up and chase the other child around the circle. If they can’t tag them before the other child sits down in their space, they’re ‘it’.

Make your own princess wands

Party crafts are a calmer party activity and a good way to curb hyperactivity if your party guests get a little too overexcited playing party games.

For a princess party theme, why not have a go at making your own princess wands? All you need is some wooden chopsticks, cardboard, paint and lots of things to decorate with like ribbons and jewels.

Princess Says

This is a princess version of Simon Says – nominate one person to be the princess and give instructions to the rest of the group like ‘princess say stand on one leg’ or ‘princess says clap your hands’.

When they give an instruction that doesn’t start with ‘princess says’ (i.e. ‘jump up and down’), you mustn’t follow the instruction; anyone who does is out. Play until there’s only one person left in the game.

Princess piñata

Piñatas are always great fun at children’s parties and you could choose a princess piñata like this to match your party theme! Make sure each child has a go of hitting the piñata and if you’re planning a party for pre-schoolers, choose a pull piñata instead of a regular piñata that you have to hit as they’re much more child-friendly.

And there you have it – plenty of princess-themed party games for your next birthday party! Head over to Party Delights to choose your princess party supplies or stay on our blog for even more princess party ideas: