Princess Party Craft – Make Your Own Wand

So you are having a princess party! Let the party planning begin! When we throw parties for the kids, we always love to include a little party craft – it gives the children something to do, but also a little party favour to take home. For a princess party, we thought some sparkly, bright princess wands may just be the ticket. They are simple and fun to make and you can have a good rummage around your craft box for bits and pieces to add. Depending on the size of the party you’re having, you may want to so some prep work first, but we will come to that in a minute!

Princess Party Craft - Make Your Own Wand

Princess Party Crafts – Fairy Wands – Materials:

Princess Crafts - Make Your Own Wand

Princess Party Crafts – Fairy Wands

Prince Party Crafts - Upcycled Fairy Wands

1) Begin by tracing out your stars.

2) We cut out two stars at a time – a front and a back for a “perfect” fit.

3) Glue your two pieces together and make sure you insert your chop stick.

4) If need be, secure in place with some clothes pegs whilst it dries!

Princess Crafts - Fairy Wands DIY

5) Paint your princess wands any colour you wish

NOTE: if you are doing this with LOTS of children, I recommend painting all the fairy wands WHITE ahead of time, so that the children can use them as a “blank canvas” and decorate them with pens, ribbons and stickers. If doing this with a SMALL group of children, they can choose their own colours and paint it themselves.

Princess Party Crafts - Upcycled Fairy Wand Idea

6) Time to decorate! Get pens, stickers, diamantes… whatever you can find and decorate away!

7) To add the ribbons – take the pieces of ribbon you need, fold in half and tie some curling ribbon around that (see bottom left).

Princess Crafts - Wands for Kids

8) Then simply tie that curling ribbon to the bottom of your wand. If you want you can add a little glue to hold it in place, but we found that we didn’t need that!

Curl your ribbons with scissors and you are done!

Princes Party Crafts - DIY Wand

Stock up on princess party supplies and let magic begin!!