Pop Art Superhero Party Ideas

Pop Art Superhero Party Ideas

Kapow! Today we’re going to show you how to throw an awesome pop art superhero party.

We’ve used our bright and colourful pop art party supplies with an iconic comic-strip design and you don’t need super powers to make this party theme look good.

Read on for all the pop art party ideas you need to make your superhero party go POW!

Setting up your tables

The first part of setting up your pop art superhero party is decorating your table. Pop art is all about primary colours so we’d recommend sticking to a red, yellow and blue colour scheme – it’ll scream pop art and make it super easy to keep everything colour coordinated.

Start by laying your tables with a yellow tablecloth and then deck them out with pop art superhero party supplies like these to cover all the essentials like plates, cups and napkins. Anything with a comic book slogan like ‘pow!’ will fit in perfectly!

Pop Art Superhero Bowls

Decorating your venue

Next up is party decorations! Go for anything red, blue or yellow to match your tableware – pom poms, fans and honeycomb decorations will instantly spruce up any party venue. We also love this pop art bunting – anything with pop art style polka dots is spot on for this theme!

And if you really want to go to town and get creative, you could paint old cardboard boxes to make a superhero cityscape backdrop to put at the back of your buffet table.

Pop Art Superhero Bunting


A superhero party theme is a really good excuse to throw a fancy dress party! Ask your guests to dress up as their favourite superhero or have a go at making your own superhero cape. If you’re not asking your guests to come in fancy dress, you could put an eye mask next to each place setting to give them some themed accessories to wear during the party.

Party food

For any themed party, we love serving themed party food and you can have loads of fun with a pop art superhero theme.

Anything red, yellow or blue to match your decorations is perfect – how about cupcakes with yellow icing or red fizzy pop served with red chevron straws like these?

Pop Art Paper Straws

We also love these funky pop art popcorn boxes – just fill them with popcorn for an easy and tasty party snack.

Pop Art Superhero Popcorn Boxes

Birthday cake

No birthday party is complete without a cake, and a superhero pop art party is no exception!

But you don’t need to be an expert cake decorator to make an impressive superhero-themed birthday cake. Just buy (or make) a plain white cake and use this pop art superhero cake decorating kit to take it from zero to hero!

Pop Art Superhero Cake Decorations

You could even serve your food in pop art party boxes like these – perfect for preparing your party food in advance and transporting them to your venue easily.

Pop Art Superhero Party Boxes

Superhero party games

As for keeping your guests entertained, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of party games up your sleeve! Here are a couple of suggestions for your superhero pop art party:

Superhero dash

On your marks, get set, go! Test your superhero speed with a superhero dash – line everyone up and on ‘go!’, race to the finish line! The first one there gets a superhero themed prize.

Superhero obstacle course

Alternatively, test your powers of agility with a superhero obstacle course. This is best played outside or in a rented hall so you’ve got plenty of space.

Set up a selection of obstacles like running through hula hoops, weaving in and out of cones and karate chopping a bad guy. Use your imagination and give prizes to the children who complete the course in the fastest time.

Superhero photo booth

A photo booth is a fun way to get some super snaps of your birthday party – especially if everyone’s in costume!

Get hold of some superhero photo props like these and set up a corner of the room as your photo booth. Then smile and strike your best superhero pose for the camera!

And there you have it – now you know exactly how to throw an amazing pop art superhero party! Head over to Party Delights to pick up your superhero party supplies or stay on the Party Delights blog for more superhero party ideas:

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