Play Dough Baby Shower Game

Playdough Baby Shower Game

Finding baby shower games that are actually fun can be quite the challenge… But this one’s a guaranteed giggle!

In this playdough baby shower game, give each guest a piece of playdough and see who can mould the best baby. The most realistic one (or the funniest) wins!

What you need

How to play!

Start by giving each guest a stick of play dough like this and give them a minute to soften it up.

Playdough Baby Shower Game

On “go”, mould your play dough into the shape of a baby. Let your guests know whether you’ll be awarding prizes for the most realistic or the funniest play dough baby (or both) and make the game harder by setting a time limit of 1-2 minutes.

Baby Shower Playdough Game

Let the mum-to-be judge all the finished play dough babies and give out the prizes for the best ones!

Playdough Baby Shower Game

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