Pirate Party Ideas for 4 Year Olds

Pirate Party Ideas for 4 Year Olds

Yarr harr! Pirate parties are one of our favourite party ideas for 4 year olds, and it’s so easy to host a really impressive one without spending a fortunate. Plus this theme lends itself really well to fun and age-appropriate party games – perfect for keeping your little scallywags entertained throughout the party!

Keep reading for all our best tips and if you like them there are even more where they came from. We’ve taken all our inspiration from our brand new pirate party ideas where you’ll find cake ideas, decorating tips and even more pirate games to play with 4 year olds. So let’s get started!

Keep it simple

Setting up a 4 year old’s party should be quick and easy, so we’d suggest starting off with some basic pirate party supplies like these ones so that all the essentials like paper plates, cups and napkins are covered.

Then you can have some fun with special little touches like scattering chocolate coins across the table, making our tasty sea water punch (served in mini milk bottles decorated with our free printable bottle wraps) and planning your party games.

Pirate Tableware for 4 Year Old's Party

Party games are a must

A couple of months ago we asked top bloggers for their best tips for keeping kids entertained at a party and they all told us having a couple of good party games up your sleeve is absolutely key.

Kids are happy enough playing with each other at age four and if you have enough games to play, it’s really easy to make sure all your little swashbucklers have fun without the added cost of hiring an entertainer.

We’d suggest getting a piñata like the parrot one below – it fits the pirate theme perfectly, will be loads of fun to play and the kids will be at the age where they won’t break it too quickly! Take a look at our parrot piñata game to find out how to put a twist on the traditional game and if you’re worried about young children hitting it with a stick, why not try a pull piñata?

Parrot Piñata for Kids' Birthday Party

Gather your buried treasure

Once you’ve set up your party and planned your party games, all that’s left is to put together some party bags full of buried treasure for the kids to take home with them.

For a pirate birthday party for 4 year olds, we love the idea of keeping all the party bag fillers pirate-themed. Things like chocolate coins, gold bars, mini telescopes and small pirate themed toys will go down a treat and to see everything we put in ours and pick up yours, just take a look at our pirate party bag ideas.

Pirate Party Bags for Kids

We hope we’ve inspired you to throw a pirate party Jack Sparrow would be truly proud of. Remember, you can pick up all the items featured in this post in our shop along with our free pirate party printables.

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