Pirate Party Food Ideas

Pirate Party Food Ideas - Kids Party Food Ideas

Yo ho matey… If you’re looking for party food ideas for a pirate theme, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got loads of ideas up our sleeves, plus many a quick fix to help you create impressive party snacks with minimal time and effort.

All the ideas below have taken inspiration from our fantastic range of pirate party supplies, so if any of our cake accessories inspire you, you can pick them up in our shop. And we’ve even thrown in some free printable straw toppers!

Our top pirate themed party food

Easy pirate birthday cake

It’s not a birthday party without a cake but don’t worry if you don’t have time to whip up a baking masterpiece; we’ve got a great little cheat to help you turn a plain supermarket cake into an impressive themed one.

All you need is a pirate cake decorating kit like this one that includes candles, cake picks, a cake wrap and everything else you need to jazz up your ordinary cake and turn it into something special. We guarantee it’ll look great amongst your other decorations (particularly when it’s served on a themed cupcake stand), plus it’s a great money-saving option for throwing a party on a budget.

Easy Pirate Birthday Cake - Pirate Party Food Ideas

Pirate cupcakes

Make sure you also serve some yummy pirate cupcakes to complete your pirate birthday party food. Any flavour will work great and it’s the decorations that will make your cupcakes stand out from the crowd! We love the idea of topping your cupcakes with a pirate flag and gold coins like we did here – simple but genius!

And if you don’t have time to make your own cupcakes from scratch, try popping some shop-bought ones into some of our pirate cupcake cases for an even quicker option.

Pirate Cupcakes - Themed Party Food

Skull & crossbones cookies

Skull and crossbones cookies are one of our favourite pirate party food ideas because it’s easy to make them look amazing with hours and hours of slaving away in the kitchen. All you need is a basic cookie recipe, our skull and crossbone cookie cutter, some icing and a couple of little helpers.

Cut the biscuits to shape before you bake them and either decorate them before the party or save it as a fun party activity for the kids to do! If you’d like to try them out yourself, take a look at our full skull and crossbones cookies tutorial.

Skull & Crossbones Cookies - Pirate Themed Food

Sea water punch with free printable straw toppers

Finally, the food for your pirate party won’t be complete without drinks! Something like our sea water punch would be the perfect drink for a kids’ party and you can keep them on theme by serving them in mini milk bottles that are decorated with our free printable bottle wraps and straw toppers.

Free Pirate Straw Toppers - Pirate Printables

Enjoyed reading our pirate party food ideas? Take a look at our pirate party ideas for even more inspiration and to pick up any of the items featured in this post.



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