12 Pineapple Party Ideas That Will Make Your Summer!

Pineapple Party Ideas

We’re SO excited to show you this pineapple party!!

Pineapple parties are our latest obsession and if you’re after a bright, colourful party theme that screams summer, this is it!

From DIY decorations to cute party food ideas, there’s so much to love in this fun summer party theme. Read on for inspiration!

Fun, tropical pineapple party ideas

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning all the barbecues and garden parties you’re going to have.

For this pineapple party theme we handpicked our favourite pineapple items from our range of summer party supplies – anything that would give this party a tropical touch. Now onto the real party planning!!

Pineapple decor


This pineapple bunting is the perfect way to brighten your next barbecue! Hang it from fence to fence, along the fence or along the house to give your party an instant tropical vibe!

You could even cut it into smaller pieces and hang some pineapple bunting on the back of each chair.

Pineapple Bunting

Pineapple pom poms

We did a quick search on Pinterest and found LOADS of great DIYs for a pineapple party theme. One of our favourite pineapple party decorations was these pineapple pom poms that we had a go at making ourselves!

All you need is a couple of yellow pom poms and some green tissue paper – so simple and so on theme!

Pineapple Pom Poms

Inflatable pineapple

Another simple addition to your decorations is this fun inflatable pineapple – an easy way to decorate your buffet table and you can re-use it all summer!

Inflatable Pineapple

Food and drink

Once you’ve picked out a couple of cute decorations, it’s time to decide what to serve at your pineapple party!

Not everything has to be pineapple flavoured but a couple of on theme snacks would be fun. Here are some of our favourites.

Make your own pineapple macarons

If you fancy getting creative, have a go at making your own pineapple macarons! Or if that’s a little too adventurous, just do the decorating bit on pre-made yellow macarons.

All you need is some yellow icing and a piping bag to add some detail onto the pineapple. Then download our free printable pineapple tops, use a knife to make a small slit in the top of the macaron and pop in the leaves.

Pineapple Macaroons

DIY pineapple cups

How cute are these pineapple cups? Perfect for serving cocktails or mocktails, all you need is a black marker pen and our free printable pineapple leaves to give these plain yellow cups a tropical transformation. Then fill a cup with your favourite cocktail and pop in a stylish yellow and white striped straw.

DIY Pineapple Cups

More pineapple party food ideas

As for other pineapple party food ideas, here’s a selection of our favourites from Pinterest!

Pineapple cakepops


Pineapple cookies


Golden pineapple cake


Pineapple ice cream cone wrapper


Piña coladas



Party bags

Last but not least, give your guests a little something to take home! We made these DIY pineapple party bags with yellow paper bags, a black marker pen and these free printable pineapple leaves.

DIY Pineapple Party Bags

Ready to throw your own pineapple party? Pick up all the party supplies in this post at partydelights.co.uk or stay on our blog for more inspiration!