Peppa Pig Party Games

Peppa Pig Party Games

Looking for some fun Peppa Pig party games? You’re in the right place!

We’ve rounded up the best party game ideas we could find that we know pre-schoolers will have tonnes of fun playing. And we’ve even thrown in some free printables to help you keep down the cost of your party! Read on for inspiration!

Our favourite Peppa Pig party games

Musical puddles

This Peppa Pig party game is played exactly like musical chairs. When the music stops, jump on a puddle and if you’re left without one, you’re out! Take away one puddle after each round until you’re left with a winner.

Download our free printable puddles if you fancy having a go at this game!

Peppa Pig Musical Puddles Game

Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel is always a hit and you can make it Peppa themed by using this Peppa Pig wrapping paper and putting a Peppa Pig themed toy in each layer.

Pass the parcel round the circle and whoever’s holding it when the music stops unwraps a layer. Such a simple game but kids love it!

Peppa Pig Pass the Parcel

These Peppa Pig surprise eggs and candy bites would be ideal prizes.

Peppa Pig Party Bag Fillers

And this Peppa Pig colouring set would make a great prize in the middle of the parcel.

Peppa Pig Party Bag Fillers

Peppa Pig treasure hunt

For something a little different, how about planning a Peppa Pig treasure hunt?

Make it easy for pre-schoolers with our free printable cards – there are six sets of cards in six different colours with a Peppa Pig themed picture on each card. Hide them all and tell each child which colour they’re looking for.

Whoever finds their whole set first wins!

Peppa Pig Treasure Hunt Game

Ready to plan your own Peppa Pig party? Check out our guide to throwing the ultimate Peppa Pig party or stay on our blog for more kids’ party ideas!



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