How to Throw a “Paw-Some” Paw Patrol Party

Paw Patrol Party Ideas

Today we’re throwing a “paw-some” Paw Patrol party!

The perfect party theme for pre-schoolers, we’ve got every aspect of the party covered with decorations, party food and games. Read on for inspiration!

Paw Patrol party ideas

Get the essentials

The first step of throwing a Paw Patrol party is picking up the essentials! Themed partyware is a great place to start – we used this range of Paw Patrol party supplies for plates, cups, napkins, straws and other party essentials.

Paw Patrol Party Supplies

And once you’ve got the basics covered, you can have fun adding your own personalised touches to the party. We love this cute napkin idea – all you need is red napkins, yellow plastic cutlery and our free printable bones. Punch a hole in the bone, thread some ribbon through the holes and wrap it around the napkin and cutlery. A super easy Paw Patrol party idea that will look great on your tables!

Paw Patrol Cutlery


Next up is party decorations! We’d suggest a mixture of official Paw Patrol decorations like these and plain decorations to add some bright blocks of colour.

We particularly love this balloon bouquet made up of a large red number balloon, some official Paw Patrol balloons and some black and white paw print balloons. Or how about a Chase supershape balloon?

Paw Patrol Balloons

Make themed party food

Next up is Paw Patrol party food! Here are some really easy puppy themed snacks to serve at your party.

Dog-shaped sandwiches

Sandwiches are a party food staple and you can keep yours on theme for a Paw Patrol birthday party by cutting them out with a dog-shaped cookie cutter like this. Just make sure you cut out each layer of the sandwich separately and then assemble it – it can get quite tricky otherwise!

If you’ve got time, you could even make dog-shaped cookies. Ice them in advance or save that for a fun party activity!

Dog Shaped Sandwiches

Snacks in dog bowls

We also love the idea of serving sweets and other snacks in dog bowls (just make sure they’re new and clean). We picked these ones up from the supermarket in colours that match our party theme.

Paw Patrol Party Dog Bowl

Dog water

It’s important to keep your little pups hydrated – and themed bottle labels are a great way to match your drinks to your decorations. Download our free printable Paw Patrol water bottle labels here.

Paw Patrol Water Bottles

Hand out Paw Patrol masks

These Paw Patrol masks are great for handing out to your guests when they arrive – and a fun way to get into character!

Paw Patrol Masks

Play some Paw Patrol party games

Next up is the most important part of our Paw Patrol party ideas – party games!! Here are some of our favourites.

Design your own shield

When you’re planning your party games, it’s a good idea to have a mixture of lively and calm activities. This design your own shield activity would be perfect for when the kids arrive and you’re still busy welcoming guests, putting food out, etc.

You can download our free printable Paw Patrol colouring sheets here and give each child a pack of crayons like these.

Paw Patrol Game Design Your Own Shield

Cat, cat, DOG!

This is the cat and dog version of duck, duck, goose. Get all the children to sit in a circle and choose one child to be ‘it’. This child must walk around the circle, patting each person on the head and saying ‘cat’ each time.

When this child pats someone on the head and says ‘dog’, the child who’s sat down must stand up and chase the other child around the circle to try and catch them. If the child who’s it reaches the other child’s space in the circle and sits down before they get caught, the other child is ‘it’.

Barking contest

This is a really funny game – the children must take it in turns to do their best bark and the adults award points for the silliest, the most realistic, the funniest, the loudest, etc.

Puppy piñata

Everyone loves playing piñata and this Chase pull piñata would be perfect for a Paw Patrol birthday party. Fill it with sweets and small toys and take it in turns to bash it!

Give out party bags

Last but not least, give out some Paw Patrol party bags! You could go for plastic loot bags like these or decorate red paper bags with our free printable party bag labels.

Paw Patrol Party Bags

Fill up your party bags with sweets and Paw Patrol themed toys – take a look here for lots of party bag filler ideas. Paw Patrol Pez dispensers would be perfect!

Paw Patrol Party Bag Fillers

Paw Patrol Party Favours